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  • ancalagon700
    Mar 9, 2014
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      A  light brown Eevee moved playfully through the remains of a forest that had begun to heal from being burned to the ground as she darted this way and that, leaping from rock to fallen blackened tree as if she were either chasing a mouse, or playing a game by herself. Hearing a clink, an unfamiliar sound, the Eevee instinctively froze and perked up her ears. The wind shifted and brushed her amber fur in waves, helping her to catch a new scent, and turning around she froze as her eyes glossed over in fear.


      Only a few meters away stood a dark, ebony black Mew. She stood on a small boulder with her feet together, holding her paws in front of her waist as her very long tail wound loosely around the stone, the metallic end half of her tail glistened in the sun and its spaded tip turned slowly like a drill bit, clinking once more against the stone as her dark fur glistened in the late evening sun. She paid no attention to the small Eevee and k9 could see that she gazed with her head turned towards the ground and there were soft tears settled in her half shut ruby colored eyes.


      Turning her ears forward before laying them back, the Eevee slowly lifted her head a bit higher to follow the Mew's gaze, and she could then see that the dark feline was looking mournfully at the bleached white bones of an Umbreon laying on its side where it had died. Turning her eyes back to the Mew, the Eevee felt her mouth dry and her heart race as the other female held her in her unblinking crimson gaze. The Eevee flinched, then turned and ran but did not go far before she tripped upon a stone and with a pained cry she rolled and quickly got back to her feet and learned the meaning of haste as she flew through the burnt forest.


      Stopping for just an instant to see if she was pursued, the black Mew was gone, as was her scent. It was as if she was never there to begin with, but when the curious Eevee went back to the bones, wondering if the fair Mew had been only a dream,  she saw a lone rose laying at the skeleton's forepaws with a single tear drop catching clinging to the petals, twinkling in the orange light of the setting sun.