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  • serenity.storm
    Feb 2, 2014
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      What are your thoughts for a storyline? It could either involve that initial idea of a Romance between a Ditto Girl and Erevan (if he is up to the challenge) or another idea that could be interesting is have her simply be a Younger Mew like a child and be looking for her parents or maybe being hunted by group wishing to use.


      What would you like to see? Lost Child, Pre-Teen Mischief, Teenage Crush, Adult Romance? (PG-13 type of content). I said Mew simply because they can transform like Ditto, playing one could also be interesting.


      As for Mystery Dungeon, the only real element other than being Pokémon exclusive world (what this group is based on) is that somehow (never really explained) a human consciousness winds up as Pokémon in a world where Pokémon talk (again this premise), but I think the adjustment element could be fun if allowed.


      Main explanations around internet for the change are either Heart Swap (realistic, series even said it could be permanent), Rebirth as Pokémon (religious, depends on past life memories), and the conspiracy theory one which is simply they were always Pokémon but for whatever reason are in denial (psychosis defeatist).



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