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102683RE: Call To The Living

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  • wynnyelle
    Feb 2, 2014
      Mews are kind of allowed as much as a non legend {as long as people don't go nuts with the stronger side of their powers} since they have always been so ubiquitous in the game so if you wanted to do anything with her as a Mew it'd be fine.

      We don't really have humans transforming into Pokemon a la Mystery Dungeon on this RPG, so that'd be out, but other elements of that game might work here depending on whether it fits in.

      Woods and lakes abound, and I think a lakeside by the woods is a nice setting for that :) I could bring Erevan back into the scene that way, I think that'd be interesting, a romance between him and a Ditto =) Too soon to say if the romance kicks off but no matter what happened it'd probably be a fun RP. And he'd probably buy the Mew thing from her since, again, Mews are actually relatively common in the region. So yeah I'm up for it!
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