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102680RE: Call To The Living

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  • serenity.storm
    Jan 29, 2014

      It is because it goes back 12-Years I am hesitant to resurrect that one hehe, I would feel I would always be out of the loop which while not an immediate problem it helps to have same meta-game knowledge as the others.


      I had a couple of ideas for characters,

      a) A headstrong and stubborn Finniken Girl, maybe either trying to make her mark on the world or trying to remain herself within a world that tries to supress her voice and free-thinking nature (i.e. for a pack setting).


      b) Slyveon and Eevee Thread could always be interesting. For this one most likely one "dreamy-eyed" girl who is constantly day-dreaming. A 'clueless' personality, maybe a romance storyline or a mother-daughter.


      c) An intellectual perhaps philosopher or dark-minded Meowstic set on changing world one encounter at a time. A socio-pathic personality beneath a bright-eyed actress, who views the ends justify whatever means.


      d) Darker theme of "Survival of Fittest" for maybe a weak Vulpix or a Preyed upon species like Pikachu or Mincino maybe with an NPC group up predators nearby. Mystery Dungeon concept could be fun here?


      e) Ditto with a self-esteem complex who likes to disguise itself as rare and admired Pokémon (e.g. maybe contact with a Mew or Articuno) a real flirt who easily gives up, bounces back, and then tries again at times.


      Mystery Dungeon concept could be interesting on all of the above if you are interested? My only request with the romance or darker themes is nothing too graphic, I noticed there were a couple 'out there' posts.


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