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102663{RoL} Re: Echoes of the past

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  • Steve
    Jul 5, 2013
      All eyes in the room fell upon the rainbow colored Ampharos as he spoke. The children became nervous and confused while the adults exchanged glances with each other. Though he appeared perfectly calm and confident, Rex was most nervous of all. His apprehension did not show in his aura, as he was a master at concealing his emotions when he willed it, so not even his mate knew how he was feeling at the moment. But Glaurung shared half his soul and so it was impossible for them to keep any thoughts or secrets from each other.

      Rex glanced at his children, it occurred to him that he should have them leave the room so as not to upset or frighten them further, but then they would be nervous anyways since they would not see just how their Father would handle the situation. He hovered over to Glaurung to seek his advice, when the black Aerodactyl spoke up "Is it too late to throw him back into the ocean?" said the black Aerodactyl with a sly grin.

      The black Mew hissed and smacked the black Aerodactyl in the nose with the end of his metallic tail, then turned towards the ram as the slits in his red eyes narrowed. "Well then, we will just have to get your Father back now won't we?" he said with confidence and without blinking.

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      "I guess I don't know what to do with myself now." Jiggy felt the whole story beginning to tumble out of him. He figured they would soon know anyway. "I've been making stupid decisions for like, mostly my whole life. I heard about the alternate reality thing and that there was a Mew temple in the jungle and we could--well, if we found them they might be able to reverse what happened to my mom. So I had to go through this whole long journey, well my dad was with me, both of us wanted to go and see what we could do...Turns out that's a disaster too, we meet up with this nice sort of Mew and his sister, they take us there, his sister's a total basket case, her name's Charade, I'm wondering if she started this whole thing."

      "She's nuts. She seemed like a normal mew and then we started telling her our story. She just...snapped. she took my dad prisoner, she said this whole life wasn't ever meant to happen, after he told our story to her. She said everything in this realm's stolen and it has to be erased...I can still see the crazy in her eyes. She's screaming just about everything she says. She says her brother's messed up because of this. And her whole family. I get away, while they're bringing my dad to the temple. I had to get there on my own, and I'm sneaking around trying to find Dad. So then I meet Ruffy, he's this really big guy, a mewtwo maybe? He called himself a mew-kou."

      "I'm scared he's going to just capture me too so I try to run. He grabs me but he says he won't hurt me, he just wants to know why I'm going around the temple. I tell him about Charade and my dad and then...Ruffy got this scared sort of serious look in his eyes." Jiggy paused and swallowed and licked the inside of his mouth. It had gone dry. "Long story short, he's saying something went wrong with Charade because she doesn't just do this kind of crazy shit, and he says he's going to get my dad free but that I can't stay because I'm in danger. So...he sent me here."
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