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    Jul 1, 2013
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      "Thanks." Jiggy gave a bitter laugh, glancing at Shyreen and then looking back at the changed Rex. Transformations didn't faze him at all to see, after the time he had spent with mews and mew-mixes. That was at least one thing he'd gotten used to. "Heh--I don't even know where home really is. I grew up travelling. Me and my dad were always on the move. I was born on the move, he told me. I remember when he, auntie Serenity, Mom and me tried to return to his birth flock..." He shook his head. "It--completely didn't work out--turned into a battle, my mom drowned during the whole mess... We aren't welcome back there, ever." Jiggy had been very young lamb, but he remembered watching the whole thing, helpless on the banks while his mother disappeared into the rapids.

      His lights took on a mournful low tone and his eyes a faraway look. So much had already been seemingly laid out for him before he had been born. He sometimes wondered if that was what was meant by born cursed. "My dad told me that our family is cursed and the curse goes back a while."

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      Rex's expression softened at Jiggy's last statement and he slowly unfolded his arm's. He had been much the same way, before time warp he just wanted to live in peace with Sarayu and ended up being dragged against his will into the affairs and internal wars of the Mew, and now he was so deeply involved that he could never leave their world again. His own children were Mew. He felt badly for Jiggy since he reminded him of how he was much the same way, not knowing how all the politics and powers that were worked, and just not wanting to be killed.
      The pink Aerodactyl closed his eyes and quickly began to shrink in size and morph until he became a larger than normal black Mew, but with horns where his ears would have been and dragon like fangs. The last three feet of his six foot tail was still the metal prosthetic since it could not change with him, but it responded to his thoughts and behaved mostly like his tail always had, though the spaded tip would spin slowly like a drill bit when he was thinking, an absent minded habit of his. He opened his red eyes and hovered eye level at Jiggy who was now larger than he was.
      "I have learned not to make promises that I do not have the power to keep, but you may stay with my family so long as you need to where should be safe. And we will figure out a way for you to get home safely, or find a new one" he said with a kind smile, though it was a bit surprising that his deep and powerful voice had not diminished or changed with his transformation.
      He looked over at Shyreen who was appearing sad, as if a cloud had slowly passed over her normally attentive and cheerful aura. He noticed she was always pondering, and waiting upon him patiently. He smiled at her in an effort to cheer her, and made a note to speak with her later in private.

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      Jiggy now digested all of what Rex said--slowly and painfully. "Great. No, he didn't tell me that, he just said there are a bunch of hidden temples throughout the land and he was sending me to one where they would never think to look for me. He didn't mention how safe the island itself was, only that the ones after me or who might be after me, probably won't come looking for me here."

      Jiggy put the last of the rind in his mouth and finished it, leaving nothing of the melon uneaten. He sat up and stretched himself, feeling a little bit dizzy momentarily but on the whole a lot better. "He just said powers that be. But he said *she*, so maybe it is this...evil queen you're talking about. I don't know. He went on about alternate realities." To Jiggy, that sounded like pokegod territory all right. That wasn't something you could just bandy about. At least, not unless you were a god. "That the reality we're in, those powers would want to destroy it if they discovered it. That it was created I guess by accident or something, and in the other reality, I don't exist, I was never born."

      Looking way up at the Aerodactyl-Mew, Jiggy's lights spluttered with flashes of frustration. "Look...I don't know how any of this works. I don't care what the gods do, I just don't want to be destroyed." That, at least, was something anyone could identify with--he hoped.

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      Rex digested what Jiggy said slowly, the ram was raising more questions then he was answering, but he did not sense or feel like Jiggy was trying to deceive him, or even hide anything. "Faylnx, the brother of Raven, made the time warp. They are not normal Mew and claim to be the children of a divine being...but you will learn that on Mew Island that word is tossed around loosely, I myself do not believe in any pokegods, I think they are just very powerful pokemon"

      The pink Aerodactyl blinked as he felt himself get tapped on the wing, and glanced at the white Mew who was giving him a knowing smile. He smiled at her with a nod, "Well Jiggy, Ruffy may not have known that Raven was the new ruler of the island, she is wicked and kills her own kind so this Island is not safe haven for you. I can live here because I have a powerful friend who protects me, so no one will erase you when your with me. Not even Raven dares to cross paths with Thorondor and maybe you can meet him"

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      "He said something like, according to them we aren't supposed to exist so they might try and erase us. So he said, that he wanted us to split up. He said he was sending me to a stronghold at another temple. I don't know where he is now--Ruffy. Ruffy is a guardian of another Mew temple in the jungle. Probably pretty far away from here, I don't know where in relation to here. He said I was going to arrive on an island but I wound up in the middle of the sea. I stayed above water long enough to see this place in the distance, so I swam for it. I must have passed out at some point."

      Jiggy paused, trying to recall the rest of it. There had been quite a lot of commotion when he and Mosaic had made it to that temple. "Four moons ago? I think the one he's talking about happened before that. But maybe it was that one. So there was a giant time warp to change you from one thing into another?" His lights flickered. "Who made time warp?"

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      The snake like slits in Rex's eyes narrowed when Jiggy mentioned how he was 'sent' here. Rex knew that because Mew Island was a drifting island that one simply could not come here without teleportation, and that could not be done unless they had been here before or another psychic shared the memory with them so one could teleport. It served as a good means of defense for the island, but of course there was always the small chance someone could stumble across the island as well.

      The Aerodactyl nodded slowly again, carefully contemplating his words, especially about Ruffy and the ripple in time. "There was a time warp 4 months ago, its purpose was to change me from an Aerodactyl into a cross of a Mew and Aero. Not a hybrid, for I am not sterile, but a new species. It is possible that others outside of those in my life were affected as well"

      Rex regarded the Ampharos carefully, he knew Ruffy would have to be a Mew in order to send him here, and he knew that Mew often fought amongst each other for power. "Why would the powers that be wish to harm you? You seem normal enough to me"

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