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  • ~*chaotic neutral*~
    Jun 29, 2013
      Whenever...I'm not picky. We could even do so on this thread in OOC or maybe on Raychu, Raychu was made for that stuff.

      ic: "Maelstrom...?" The rainbow-coloured ram blinked his lights no and slightly shook his head. "Sorry, I never heard of him. How many years has it been? Oh--my name's Jiggy." His eyes travelled to the movement of the great aerodactyl's claws.

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      ooc: That's fine. When would you like to brainstorm? I can make myself available when its convenient for you.

      ic: The pink Aerodactyl folded his arms over his chest and let his wings wrap bat like around him. "I don't think he's alright Shyreen" he said to the white Mew hovering next to him. "I am glad you figured that out for us" she teased as she poked the side of his head with the end of her long tail. Rex exhaled softly with a smirk, Shyreen was gentle like her mother Theolin, but could also be like himself at times with how she liked to push people's buttons.

      "Well, Ampharos, if your feeling better then maybe you can tell me how Maelstrom is doing, if you know of him. I haven't seen him in years" he said as the metal end of his tail passed lazily before his red eyes and he gave his talons a click on the floor. He doubted he would ever see the mountain ram again, or his mixed family, but did wonder from time to time how he was doing and if he ever completed his quest.

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      ooc: Sorry about the long absence, it's been hard for me to keep up with this as well as all the other things going on in my life. Sure, I would love to brainstorm.

      ic: Jiggy slowly came to, again. He remembered a mew speaking to him, and then him blacking out again.

      Someone had cared for him and brought him to shelter and safety. He was lying on a warm bed of leaves and grass. {ooc: hope that's ok}.

      He slowly tested his existence. He blinked his lights, which were stronger again now, and felt the electricity humming in him that was always present. Jiggy was definitely not dead. But where was he, and what had happened?

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