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  • Steve
    May 7, 2013
      A small black house fly with red compound eyes crawled slowly, then quickly on the ceiling of the white marble cave that had runes and veins of gold running through it. It's compound eyes gave multiple reflections on its surface of a giant pink Aerodactyl standing over a white Mew and a rainbow colored Ampharos, the coloring of the three Pokémon's reflections strangely unaffected by the red coloring of the fly's compound eyes while everything else reflected appeared red in their reflected images as they should have.

      Rex just finished questioning the Ampharos when he heard a rush of wind, instantly followed by the sound of water being slashed open. His blood red eyes showed the reflected image of a Rayquaza with large wings on its back and a tail flame, though the reflection was colored red since it shown on the surface of his eye. The pink Aerodactyl was too stunned to react as the large orange serpentine dragon entered his cave through the water fall, sending a shower of water onto his thin pink fur and he gaped in stunned silence as water dripped from his soaked body.

      Shyreen was quick to react and the white Mew instantly had a barrier around herself and the Ampharos, shielding them from the rain. She kept it up for a moment, but sensing that Rex knew the incredible looking Pokémon she lowered her defense and waited quietly to see what her mate would do.

      The Aerodactyl's red eyes appeared as if they were seeing something miles away, or staring at a vision that brought a flood of memories past both of joy, pain and regret. It was as if the force of decades of sin and shame fell on him like a great weight and he found himself exerting no small measure of will to keep his emotions in check.

      Rex was a adult Aerodactyl, though still young at the age of 28, but at the sight of the great serpentine dragon, it was as almost if Rex had suddenly aged and many hard years showed upon his face. His strong broad shoulders sagged and he found himself clutching his right arm with his left hand and leaning his left shoulder against the white marble wall for support. "Chardra..." he said softly with unblinking eyes.

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      A large, serpentine figure moved through the clouds, well above the island before swooping down towards the ground. Eyes sharp as ever, he twisted and turned, his wings allowing him absolute control over his flight, even though most of it was the unique powers that he had received, passed down. A mental connection gave him a better view of what he had saw a short time before. ~I see... unusual, feel free to go see, I'll join you shortly, it's a long way down, after all.~ he responded, cutting off further comment as he steadily descended.

      "Alright..." was the response that had been cut off, being spoken as words instead of it's original intention. "Let's go." the Gallade said, calmly pointing towards where the ram had been moved, to where Rex and Shyreen had went.

      With a shake, the large electric bird readied, waiting for a small, blue pikachu to hop onto it's back so they could get moving. A grumble came from the once quite energetic pikachu as he climbed aboard and they began on their way towards their destination. "Not quite the reunion we were expecting..." the pikachu said as they quickly advanced on the waterfall and it's cave, though keeping well enough out of sight for most.

      "Rex... Micheal... bah... one of these days..." the large dragon grumbled, his anger still strong from the past they shared, even as his memories of even further into the past were so... conflicting. He closed his wings and sharpened his descent, swiftly diving towards the ocean with intent to turn around and swoop back in towards that 'secret' cave he had been watching for so long. "Everyone needs a good entrance..."

      His intent clear, his speed swift, it'd take more than a little time before the others would arrive compared to him, he swooped in with sheer force, the water barely touching his flame as his set open his wings and stopped near instantly, tall, proud... and probably enough to give a Mightyena a heart-attack. He had one thing to say, regardless of whether or not they were able to see his arrival before he got there at such a speed....


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      "Hello" said the white Mew as she hovered in front of the colorful ram, "you are our guest on Mew Island, it is the beginning of the Fall season. I am Shyreen from the Seer tribe and this is Michael, my mate. He found you sleeping on the beach and brought you here. You may stay as long as you please, because, I'm sorry to say that life on the island has not been normal since Lord Raven took over and any non Mew are not safe or left in peace as they once were." When she spoke of Lord Raven, for a moment, some of the soft maternal joy in her aura turned grey as if a cloud had passed temporarily over the sun.

      The devil tip on the metal end of the pink Aerodactyl's tail turned slowly like a drill, though it was absentminded since it always did that when he was in thought. "Call me Rex" he said with a small smile. He was partially amused that he could sense no fear in the ram since most everyone was when they first met him and wondered if he was either very brave or powerful, or perhaps he was believing that he was in a dream. Whatever the case was, he was very interested in where the ram came from and what story he might tell. He could read his thoughts easily enough, it took a strong will to keep him out of one's thoughts, but he also considered mind reading rude, especially to a guest, and would not deplore to do so with out permission. "How did you come to our island?"

      OOC: would you want to plot storm? I have mucho ideas :)

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      Jiggy awoke with a feeling of fogginess throughout his body, and in his vision. He blinked several times trying to clear the clouds from his sight. He was looking at the largest most fearsome-looking creature he had known in his life, and that was saying something. But he didn't feel afraid. He knew that all of this was likely not real, or of the living world. Jiggy knew he was probably dead.

      "What...what...Where am I."
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