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  • Steve
    Apr 23, 2013
      Rain fell from the night sky in red brick alley connected to a city street as a man in black with black hair combed to the side and an umbrella walked by carrying a brown paper bag in one hand and up the front stairs. He pulled out his keys and began to unlock the front door when he paused and turned to his right. "You can come out Glaurung" he said to the emptiness. A giant black Aerodactyl quickly became visible, he was smiling sheepishly. "Meet me inside, you'll catch a devil of a cold out here" he said with a wink of his blue eye.

      Inside, the young man set his bag on the kitchen table removed his black coat and was wearing a white dress shirt with black pants. He glanced up to see a man dressed as he was and appearing as his twin. "Glaurung, When are you going to show me Michael's children, Luthien and Michael?" he said as he reached into the bag and pulled out a small box of cookies and walked across the room to hand them to the twin of himself. "Sorry, Anthony. I knew thou wished to see them, I will tell Michael that you miss them, and him. He does send his love though. I'm so sorry to leave as quickly as I came, but I am babysitting and left the children alone" Anthony smiled remembering Rex, his childhood pet, then set a hand on Glaurung's shoulder, "Take care of yourself, and Michael." Glaurung nodded slowly and in a blink disappeared from sight.

      The giant black Aerodactyl reappeared where he left the tiny Aerodactyl and Mew kitten, though here the sun was bright and there was no rain. "I have something for you, a gift from your Uncle Anthony!" he said cheerfully and held the small box of cookies down to them. Luthien and Michael cheered as one and quickly tore into the box as Glaurung chuckled in amusement. "Remember, You must promise not to tell Mommy!" he said with a finger held up. "mmph!" said little Michael with his mouth full, "K!", managed Luthien.

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      "Luthien, Luthy! Wait!" called the youthful voice of a boy from some bushes as a young pristine white kitten with pink eyes flew gracefully over the bushes, her tail in elegant tow. She giggled then called out in reply, "Mikey! Why don't you just transform into a Mew like me and then you can fly?" Moments later a 2 foot tall grey Aerodactyl with red eyes and black slits for pupils, hoped through the bush. "It's hard for me to stay transformed as a Mew! And I'm too small to fly!" he protested. Luthien giggled again, "Your so cuuuuuute!" she said, knowing it annoyed her brother very much.

      Giggling some more, she turned and concentrated, "Wait Mikey, I'm trying to find Uncle Glaurung" she said as she stretched out with her psychic abilities. The little Aero smiled, "I found him silly!" he said in triumph as he looked past Luthien and into some other bushes where a very large pair of glowing red eyes watched them. Out of the bush rose a towering black serpent, his body was as thick as a large tree and his head was over twice the size of the small Aerodactyl and its fangs were as long as daggers.

      Luthien squeeled in terror and delight. She LOVED , but how she HATED when he took that form! The snake laughed loudly and in a flash it coiled its body around both the children and held them tight so they could not squirm free, but not enough to harm them. "Why what is this? Breakfast now brings itself to me? What joy! I have no need to hunt anymore. Thou appears very yummy indeed. Why don't I eat thee both? yesssss" he hissed in exaggerated sarcasm.

      Luthien squealed and shook her head while little Michael laughed. She teleported a few feet from his coils and shook herself off "ew! ew! ew!" she protested. Glaurung laughed and his body glowed as he transformed and grew in size until he was an 18 foot tall jet black Aerodactyl. His massive wings were full of holes and a large frill ran down the back of his head, back and to the tip of his devil tail. His right horn was 3 feet long, but half his left horn was missing, and his eyes were identical to Rex's as was his booming voice.

      He used disable on Luthien so she could not teleport and then quickly grabbed both his niece and nephew and held them in his great paws. "Ah ha!" he exclaimed, "Thou hast encroached to close to the One who tickles! Its thy fault, thou hast no one to blame but thyself! You got to close to the One who tickles!" he said as he fell on his back and began to poke and play with the children who giggled and screamed from the tickle torture. "There will be no escape!" he said as Michael tried to make a dash, but had his tail caught by his uncle. Michael laughed and protested, flailing about to try to escape the poking.

      "Mikey!" yelled Luthien and then used water gun to spray her Uncle in the face. Glaurung screamed then fell over, seemingly dead. "You got him?" asked the small Aero as he brushed himself off and climbed onto the black dragon's snout. "I think so" said Luthien. The black dragon's red eyes suddenly flashed open and their slits narrowed as he gave his head a flick up, tossing the small dragon into the air "wrong! And now, I eat it!" he said then caught little Michael in his huge mouth. The white kitten squealed and flew back, but he caught her quickly with a huge tri fingered hand and shoved her into his mouth as well. "Mmmm" he said as he pretended to chew them.

      Suddenly a black, saliva covered Mew kitten teleported in front of him, holding onto the white paw of his sister. He opened his red eyes and then with his free paw blasted Glaurung in the face with water gun who fell to the ground, "I am slain!" wailed Glaurung and played dead. "Uncle Glaurung I hate it when you do that!" shouted Luthien as her brother laughed, "That was great!" said Michael.

      The black Aerodactyl did not move, but Luthien was not about to be fooled. "I'm going to tell Mommy on you!" she proclaimed. Glaurung suddenly sat up and grinned, "Let us not be rash or hasty! Shyreen will kill me! I know, I'll go and get thee both cleaned off!" he said with his head tilted to the side and teleported all three of them to side of a vast lake between the twin mountains of Mew Island. He dipped bot the children in the water, then using his own powers, removed every drop from their bodies so they were both dry and clean. "There! Nice and clean! No need to tell Mommy Shyreen now hmm?" he said with a sheepish grin as he held a paw behind each of them and looked at them in turn.

      "Aww, I don't know. We might want some of that human candy you brought us before!" said Michael as he looked at Luthien. "Yeah! And you had better get some for my sister Harmony too!" Said Luthien remembering her twin. Glaurung smirked, "Why you little blackmailing gremlins..." he said with a chuckle. The little grey Aerodactyl and white Mew looked at each other and then cried as one "Mommyyyyyy-" but were suddenly silenced as the giant black Aerodactyl covered their mouths with a finger.

      "Alright, Alright! I'll do it!" he said, defeated and could not help but smile as he listened to their cheers of victory. "Now wait here. I'll be right back" he said then teleported from sight. "Do you think he'll get chocolate again?" asked Luthien. "I like cookies" said Michael and they laughed together, happy with what they thought was an ingenious plan and teamwork.
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