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  • Steve
    Apr 17, 2013
      Rex looked at the young ram in quiet thought for a moment as he thought how no one could be that deep a sleeper and the Ampharos must have been in bad condition if he had slept through that. He glanced at the ocean and wondered how on earth a normal Ampharos had come across the ocean to the island, but then again, maybe he wasn't so normal considering his stranger coloring.

      "Rex? What happened?" he heard the gentle, somewhat low but feminine voice of his mate from behind him. Turning with a smile, he could see Shyreen, a pristine white Mew with amber colored eyes. She looked with concern and pity at the Ampharos and moved to his side. "I do not know, I found him here as you see him. Our children are with Glaurung who was kind enough to give us some time together" he said with a mournful tone, knowing that she would use the time to care for the poor ram.

      "I will take him back to our home and care for him till he awakens..." she said before slowly turning her head up to him. "I'm sorry Michael, I know you wanted some time together" The grey Aerodactyl smiled then glowed as he shrunk in size to a jet black Mew, but with sharp angled features and the end half of his long tail was still his metal prosthetic and he had dragon like fangs. "Don't be sorry, your the most selfless person I know. There is nothing to be sorry about" he said with a blink of his red eyes before kissing her on the cheek.

      He teleported the three of them so they were all hovering above a waterfall and pool, and using his psychic powers he parted the waterfall like a curtain and hovered the Ampharos through the opening into their secret cave. He watched as Shyreen used Wish on the ram to begin to heal any wounds he may have had and looking up, he judged the height of the ceiling and transformed back into a giant Aerodactyl, but this time he was completely covered in a thin layer of pink fur including the back of his wings, but not the front of his wings which was pink skin.

      He smiled shyly as he saw the amused look Shyreen gave him then folded his arms so his wings went around him like a bat. ~Yes...in my true form I'm pink...you don't have to rub it in, I get enough of that from Glaurung~ he sent to her, "And don't play innocent, I knew you were thinking it" he said. The white Mew laughed softly then turned her attention back to the sleeping ram.

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      Though his vision was sharp and steely, starring into the sun began to have its effect on even him and as he spread his wings to fly something, whether it was motion or an outside impulse, it drew his gaze to the shore. Sunspots flashed before him and mumbling to himself for being so stupid as to stare at the sun for an extended period, he took off and flew low and fast and landed softly next to the multicolored Ampharos.

      He studied it carefully as memories from years ago began to pass through his mind of Maelstrom and the flock. It had been 8 years since he had last seen any of this species and it immediately occurred to him that Mew Island was a terrible place for the poor ram to be. It would be considered food to the other Mew, or at best a slave, though food was more likely since he did not know what use an Ampharos had. He scratched under his maw in thought, and recalled that he had vowed never to eat Ampharos, then folded his muscular arms.

      "Wake up!" he commanded the sleeping ram. He wasn't sure if it would respond, though he had already made up his mind to help him to the extent that he could since he was sure this was karma's way of giving him a chance to pay back an old debt.

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      A ruin of colours lay washed on the beach--red, purple, blue yellow and white. His lights barely glowed anymore. It was a young ampharos of unusual colouring, tangled half in seaweed. The ram had just about exhausted himself. As soon as he had felt the shore beneath him, he let himself pass out.
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