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  • Kelly Talmud
    Aug 2, 2012
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      By now the tom's attention had been completely turned away from the female's anger, and more towards finding his necklace. It meant a lot to him, and if Cloud didn't have the amnesia she had, she would remember. The moment he saw the tail coming, his reflexes moved faster than a blink and his paw was out of the striking zone. It did leave a wind scar on his paw, which he rubbed gently. A growl rumbled in his throat and he mumbled with his ears flat, "Pervert? Child? Jeez... I'm giving her an earful later."

      But right then he could not resist to add a stinging comment. "Me being a child? Your acting like royalty throwing a fit at passerby. Because your the one with amnesia, not me." And as Kerii said that, he floated past her with his nose in the air and his tail floating behind him. It was only when he was past the female Mew that he growled loudly and his tail lashed. "Alright Drowzee... Come out here and return Cloud to normal. And give me my necklace back!" Kerii's rose pink eyes narrowed as he stared into the darkness, searching for signs of movement.

      Immediately the tapir like Pokemon came forward. With his trunk he was carrying the necklace the boy treasured. A laugh escaped the Pokemon. "What's wrong? Having a fight with your friend? That doesn't sound too lovely." His eyes leered at the pale blue Mew, and it only set the tom off more.

      The tom's aura bubbled with anger and he streaked towards the Drowzee and stopped with his muzzle barely touching the Drowzee's face. "Tell me... What you did to her." The boy's body had begun to glow, and psychic energy rolled off of him in waves. Right then, his girlish instincts had died and fiery male instincts had awakened. It was the desire to protect a cherished friend, and get back a stolen item that had awakened these instincts. and it was only a wonder if he would ever feel his girlish ties again.

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      Cloud narrowed her eyes toward Kerii when he pointed at her chest. By now it was clear everything he did could arouse her anger. "Oh? And why would that make any difference?" she paused referring to his comment about their recent reversal of fates. "You certainty look like a boy now, albeit a pathetic one," she added with a thoughtful sway of her lovely tail. "So maybe you should at least ATTEMPT to behave like a boy…?" she asked with a tone which intended to add insult-to-injury to the `confused' young boy.

      "And you can start by not being such a PERVERT!" she leered as her lovely tail uncoiled in an instant to whip at his outstretched paw. The speed of her reflex fast enough to render wind burns if not a bruise if it connected to his paw. From her perspective he had been pointing at her chest. His comment about a lost necklace did not mean a single thing to the emotional feline. To her it appeared that he was merely attempting to change the subject from either his constant perversion or disgraceful behaviors as a boy.

      "Honestly… Such a child…" she said with her nose raised off to one side with an air of elegance Kerii's mother may have shown so often in the past. At least she had accepted the change mostly. And maybe, just maybe she was a little upset with Kerii for precisely that fact. Since her curiosities were far too often refused by the male Tom who sought a return for what she had long-since concluded may never occur.

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      This last part is what finally set Kerii off. His entire body seemed to glow, and tears spilled over his cheeks. Entirely, it seemed as if he were throwing a psychic fit as the air churned around him, and he curled himself tightly in a sobbing ball. He didn't turn his back to Cloud, instead he looked at the pink feline with his head lowered, but eyes raised. In a mew that sounded bitter and in agony, he said, "Because I'm not a boy. Cloud... You of all Pokemon should know that we switched bodies."

      In that brief moment, he closed his eyes and remembered the day before when he was the lovely feline in front of him. He had been the weaker of the two, but more knowledgeable of the two. They had gotten into tickle fights, where Cloud would always win. They got into trouble with the Drowzee while exploring. And then came the wish. Slowly the air around the Mew began to calm down, and he opened his eyes. "If I hadn't made that selfish wish, we wouldn't be in the places we are in now."

      The light colored Mew hung his head and looked down. He didn't speak for a moment as the tears stopped falling, and then he studied Cloud. For a long moment he only focused on her eyes, then he studied her body, herself. And then it hit him. There was something wrong here, and it wasn't amnesia. A growl rumbled in the tom's throat. After the display of female instincts, which had awakened due to emotional distress, the anger made the masculine instincts awaken. Brute force was needed to restore the balance between the two.

      In his mind, as he raised a paw and pointed at the girl's heart, it was to symbolize the area where the necklace would have hung. The one he stole from the Drowzee many months ago. Now it was not there, and Cloud didn't remember a thing. Because Cloud couldn't remember, she would probably think of this as another attempt to get her to be his mate, but it could also be viewed as him having multiple personality disorder. That wasn't the case at all, and he then explained for Cloud to hear, "Your necklace. No, my necklace... It's gone."

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