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  • Kelly Talmud
    Mar 24, 2012
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      Kerii gulped nervously, before sitting up. His front paws were directly under his shoulders, while his hind legs made a 'v'. The light colored Mew glanced at Cloud nervously, before looking down and fidgeting with his toes. 'This is so odd! She's acting as friendly as a puppy! I mean.... it is cute. Very cute.... but so nerve wracking! gotta be strong. Gotta be cool... okay. I can do this. I can do this!'

      The tom took a deep breath and looked at Cloud. "W-Well Cloud. I have to know. Did you have fun today at the beach? I really hope you did. I tried very hard to make this day enjoyable for you. If it wasn't fun, then tomorrow you can pick wherever and whatever you wanna do." The words had tumbled from his mouth in such a rush that it was obvious he was nervous and felt really guilty on whether or not the girl had enjoyed the day.

      His blue ears drooped a bit, and his face was still slightly red. His tail twitched behind him, as he worked his paws nervously in the sand. His rose colored eyes traveled over and looked at Cloud again. 'Does she think I'm odd? No, I really am odd. I'm a very odd creature. I can't work all this out. If I were my old self again, I'd know exactly how do answer in this situation. I mean... I am still me right? I... i haven't changed my mind at all.... So maybe.... I'm just naturally confused?' His head fell lower at that. 'That's not good at all...'

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      Cloud lowered her ears passively for a moment to ignore his question. She paused for a moment simply to stay inside of his embrace a moment longer. Then after a moment she relented. Sliding her head up mildly until she was nearly nose to nose; looking up to offer a warm smile. "Mhmm," she mewled "Is it okay…?" she asked with the cutest expression she could fathom. Her position from on top of Kerii was a little too forthcoming with her paws clutched at his chest and her head tilted so they were nose to nose.

      An innocent laughter escaped the pink feline as she pulled aside to sit at his side. Her long tail encircled them while her paws leaned on the side of his torso softly. It felt weird to behave so flirtatiously for a former boy. But it also felt somehow natural now. She had seen how far a little flirt could travel in terms of interacting with Kerii-chan. And once she got past the weirdness it was sort of fun to be able to act so freely without the fear of being teased for acting too girly. `Girly' - the word had new meaning for Cloud.

      `Why is he looking at me that way?' she wondered to herself silently. Her paws slipped away from his side to play with the tip of her tail with uncertainty. Was it alright that she had thought Kerii was sort of cute? It was `her' body after all so was it not only natural? Everything simply felt like it was happening so fast the poor feline did not know how to respond. As a female she simply felt so out of place and weird, mixed with a subtle aroma of adventure to explore the unknown that captivated the lovely new lady.

      Like it was becoming obvious to Cloud that she preferred most of the social expectations and accolades given to females of their species. From the enhanced attention to the freedom from masculine rules of behavior that she had never been compelled to perform. Yet it was the physical and definitive changes that she disliked. As a female her diminished size and strength forced her to rely on others more than she preferred. And she had yet to begin considering fundamental variations like her role in a new family.

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      "It's yo-" Kerii didn't finish his sentence as Cloud pounced on him. His eyes widened as he crashed into the sand with the pink Mew on top of him. His face flushed red, and turned a darker shade of red when she laid her head on his light colored chest. 'T-This is awkward,' he thought. 'But its not bad either.... What am I thinking? Do I really... do I really like Cloud?' The sky blue Mew looked at Cloud with confused rose colored eyes.

      'I-Its not bad at all... Heh, wonder if she can hear my heart beat. Would it be weird to ask?' Gulping, he asked, "Can you hear my heartbeat? I mean, your head is on my chest." He laughed a bit and then smiled in a friendly way. "As for tag, it does sound like a fun game."

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