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  • silver_wolf_light
    Dec 1, 2011
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      "Pompous!?...ME!?" is all the Flareon could muster after hearing what Christine had to say. In all of his years Glyer had never been talked to like that by any female pokemon..mind you being blown off by his fair share but he never been directly insulted like that and he didn't how how to react. The Flareon just stared at the two Eevees' as he payed attention to what Christine was explaining to pachi. As Glyer listened he picked up on the motions and speech that Christine was using referring to him which made the Flareon's pride shrink a bit but he couldn't let her see that after all he had to be the 'man' and show no hurt emotion.

      Glyer just smirked at the Chris as he prepared his comeback "Well it looks like you got some spunk after all..and by the sound of it you have heart too, I like that and respect that as well". Glyer turned his attention over to Pachi for a brief moment "Looks like your companion has some fight in her and she's not only cute but feisty to" Glyer smirked at the grinned at Pachi as he turned back towards Chris, " I know where you stand now at least Chris and though I may be blown off at is it looks it won't damper my fiery spirit." With his line spoken Glyer stood tall and proud htough he knew his pride was hurt by those words he would never admit it. "Just one question, that ribbon it intrigues me, what's your story Chris? and I promise no funny stuff" the Flareon spoke to his new group.

      Being interested in Christine's back story was actually on Glyer's mind though he still thought to himself he should just play it cool and maybe she would warm up to him eventually but first he should explore their common old lives of being with humans as an ice breaker he thought.

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Timeless Wanderer" <timeless_quest@...> wrote:
      > In mere seconds poor Christine had gone from irritated to plain embarrassed. Her cheek's burned red for what seemed the hundredth time today. And she tried to hide her blushing by turning to the side. "Oh No, I did it again… Didn't I…?" she said quietly with a sympathetic tone. Something about Pachi simply made her feel a whole lot more calm about their situation. He was like a baby brother even though the two were both technically the same age. Of course maybe she simply liked Normal and Dark types, a special bond.
      > "And well… Someone who is Pompous, Like Glyer here…" she said with a pause to make it clear. "Would be someone who thinks they are really special but are really not, besides…" she said with a smirk. "I think you do way better around girls than a certain Flareon…" she said with a little roll of her eyes. It was clear who she was referring too, but somehow with Pachi here she did not feel too afraid. Then again… What if him acting this cute was all an act! Oh no, that would not be good. And she did know he loved to play…
      > --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, Kelly Talmud <im2smart4dad@> wrote:
      > Pachi stared at the conversation going on between the two. When Christine responded, he got completely lost by the big words that made no since to his childish brain. A clueless look entered his innocent brown eyes and his mouth opened into an awkward smile. The brown eevee lowered his long ears and laughed ever so slightly in an embarrassed way. If he could blush, he probably would from embarrassment. He looked at Christine. "I hate to bother you while your on your hot streak, but what does pompomuous.... and blowhardy mean? Erk.... Don't take that the wrong way! Your not hot!"
      > That comment officially made Pachi make the obediance gesture, where he pressed his muzzle into the ground, and covered it with his paws. "I am shutting up, I am shutting up. Just calmly explain those words." He mentally yelled at himself once again. [Stupid stupid. I cannot use the right words!]  He looked apologetically at Christine. "I'm really sorry. But I've never been around a girl before... and you don't seem to like being called hot or cute, so I'm trying my best. Please don't be angry..."
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