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  • Kelly Talmud
    Nov 3, 2011
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      Pachi perked up when he heard her voice, still calm with no ounce of anger. "Make something for me? Maybe there's a crown we could make it out of." The eevee padded around the clearing, before grabbing a long frond of some ground plant, and pulled it free. He tumbled back into a heap, the leaf still hanging from his mouth. He grinned and then rolled the leaf into a fat scroll, and placed it on his head.

      As he stared at Christine, it unraveled and flattened itself on his head. "So much for that idea...." He thought for a moment. "What if we had some sticky tree sap to make it stick together?"

      OOC: Sorry for not replying. I was unable to get to a computer, and I've been busy with school.

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      Christine giggled quietly when he began switching voices for like his fifth time today. She thought it was cute how he viewed everything like an innocent game. `All the world is a stage' she recalled from some classic dramatic scripts. It seemed to fit Pachi to a tea and that was part of the reason she liked hanging around with him, aside from all the things she could learn from another Pokémon of her kind. Ugg… This was not going very well.

      "Purple is not really my color anyway…" she said with a momentary pause. In truth she simply did not risk ruining her ribbon which held so many memories. And it was not like fastening crystals to fabric would be easy with two padded paws. She paused. "So what if we make something for you to wear out of the Amethyst? I mean, you found it…" she offered despite having no real idea what type of thing they could make out of the gems.

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      Pachi again was confused. "Not look good? Come on. Your already wearing that pink ribbon and hanging out with me." Suddenly his voice changed. "Your already not looking good lassy, but to me? Do I look like I care? Nope! Ye should wear it!" It was his pirate voice. He didn't like the tense air, so he thought it would lighten the mood. He flattened his ears, realizing that what he said could be taken wrong.

      He looked at her. "Please don't be mad milady, I didn't say that your pink ribbon was ugly! It looks good on you! Real fitting!" His voice sounded like a servant's again. The poor boy was racking his brain, and then he concluded by yelling at himself again. "Alright you know what! Shut up! I really need to learn to stop talking sometimes!" He was yelling at himself again, because he had narrowed his eyes, and looked as if he were staring at his paws.

      He was obviously not having a good time explaining that it was okay to be different, as he never did contemplate the reason behind why Chris wouldn't wear the amethyst. He just assumed it was because of what she said.. He would have never guessed it was because she didn't want to attract attention. In this way, he was still sorta childish.

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