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  • ace_dark_artist
    Sep 24, 2010
      ooc: I'm back myself I got real busy last couple of days so sorry everyone. XD the kids weren't exactly on their best behavior either XD which added to everything.

      Huntkos was killed by Chirin, Vinny was killed by Chirin. Far as Bossa cares though getting Loki and the rest of the Realm flock and retaking the valley is enough revenge for now.

      ic: Keha and Amphion stood at the edge in the distance watching over the flock. Kilba near them snorted and watched the valley walls closely. Decoda sighed thinking how if he still had both his eyes he would be out there defending the flock still. Instead he was waiting for something to happen with the rest of the flock.

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      > ooc: Sorry for not replying. I haven't been replying to many of my groups for a while because I was just blocked. couldn't write anything as a reply. So I apologize and hope for forgiveness.
      > ic: Upon joining the herd, Bakari still kept to himself, where as his little sister talked to everyone she could. As the moon slowly rose up, Bakari laid in the soft grass, staring at the stars. Old wounds slowly healing. New wounds just beginning to heal. His tail laid beside him, the orb just barely glowing. He watched the Illumise and Volbeat dance in the sky above him and sighed as a soft wind blew, stirring the grass he laid on. Even if it all seemed calm, a great danger was apon the herd, but nobody knew. How could they know, if no pokemon were able to send a message?
      > Hadika wondered over to Bakari, a tired look in her little eyes. She laid on the ground beside her brother and rolled onto her side. "Bakari." Bakari turned his head to his little sister. "Hmm?" Hadika wasn't smiling, a scared look was on her face. "What if the sneasal attack while we're asleep?" Bakari smiled. "That's easy. I'll protect you." Bakari reached up with a yellow flipper and rubbed Hadika's fluff on the top of her head.
      > Hadika responded to the touch. "Thank you Bakari. I love you." Hadika rolled onto her other side and began to sleep. Her side rising and falling in an evenly manner. Her tail light slowly dimmed and then went out, to show she was dreaming. Bakari watched his sister for a moment, before looking back at the stars. [At least, I hope I'll be able to protect you.]
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      > > ooc: I didn't feel really welcome, so I bowed out. I'm back now because I'm not sure, who killed Huntkos? was it one of my rams?
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      > > ic: Maelstrom was still nearby, but not in view.
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      > > --- On Tue, 9/14/10, ace_dark_artist <rol_studios@> wrote:
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