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  • ace_dark_artist
    Aug 20 1:24 PM
      ooc: A long time ago in the game there was an island protected by an illusion and the flock of sheep that lived there were in turn guarded and protected over by Decoda and Kilba and a few others. He now helps protects the flock in the valley.

      ic: "It's fine. Main thing is everyone is safe." He grinned back with a little nod to Hadika figuring she was a bit of a lamb still even though she was a flaffy.

      "You...are not of this flock?" Decoda asked curiously since the younger ram seemed to not know of them.

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "im2smart4dad" <im2smart4dad@...> wrote:
      > Hadika paused mid-step when she saw the light flick. Then she let go of her brother's flipper and ran ahead. The closer she got the brighter the other light became, until she was swallowed in the light and she saw a Ampharos. She cocked her head at him before smiling and bowing her head to Decoda. "Hi hi!" She looked up at him before closing her eyes.
      > When Bakari saw his sister take off, he was gonna tell her to stop, but knew she wouldn't, so he ran after her. Soon he too was swallowed into the light of Decoda's tail. He looked at Decoda and the others around him. He was unsure if they were accepted, so he turned his gaze back to Decoda. "Pardon my sister, she is, a little hyper active, but, I would like to know, Is this one of those herds I've heard about?" Bakari's voice was carefully guarded, unlike Hadika, who was running around the herd exploring.
      > Hadika ran from away from her brother's side and looked at all the sheep there.(OOC: Who is with Decoda anyway?) She looked at Shocky and ran up to him, her tail wagging. "Hi! I'm Hadika, who are you?" She had a bright smile on her face, and it seemed as if she wasn't even hurt anymore.
      > OOC: Sorry it took so long to reply, I finally got the chance to because I was at the beach with not very good internet connection and then home life got busy, but now I can reply.
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