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  • ace_dark_artist
    Aug 6, 2010
      "Yeah I suppose that is true. It's ancient. This happened a couple years back." He hoped the ewe that had done it too was dead. She and that evil ewe Weepsong who had turned Ilona against the flock and did this to him.

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      > Shocky smiled at Decoda. "At the end of the day we are all the same" He said calmly. He then noticed Decoda'a eye. "What happened to you?" He asked with concern in his voice. "You need that seen too, it may become infected" Shocky tried to show his caring side but was constantly on guard just incase something attacked. There had been fighting here and Shocky was prepared for it.
      > Meanwhile Lucinda had managed to track down the Aura of Maelstrom among the Sheep. "Maelstrom.... I've found you at last!" Lucinda tried to hold back the tears as she made her way to the Legendary Ram. But suddenly she relized that Maelstrom would not be able to see her in her spiritual form. "Maelstrom..." Lucinda tried to nuzzle her former mate but she went straight though him. The only thing that could be felt in the air was her warm breath.
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