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  • ace_dark_artist
    Aug 6, 2010
      "You know the western flock sheep...the whole...Phos jive and such... Well... not that I believe in much these days." For Decoda this was very true. "Huh?" Looking confused as the young ram spoke of someone esle with him.


      Keha stood with his sharpened axes. Give them a spin by thier hilts. Alicia twirled a spear in her grasp as her lamb and Keha's slept. Her movements flowed with the memories of Adrisana guiding her hands.

      Amphion was silent. His belief was being challenged throughout this. He fought alongside the others but he was reluctant and yet to deal any deadly strikes to the enemy. Keha and Al seemed quite willing and did so easily. The enemy often continued attack even though Amphion spared their lives they were all too willing to renew their attempts on his life. In this war what was right and wrong began to blur and Amphion wished he knew like he once did so readily.

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      > ooc: Wynn! It's been so long. Allow me to get you a opening in here ^_^
      > ic: Shocky looked kind of confused. "One of them?" He had a slight frown on his face. "I thought we were all alike and as one Herd" Lucinda suddenly interrupted Shocky's monolouge. "Maelstrom! I can sense him, he's nearby!" There was slight panic in Lucinda's voice as she tried to pinpoint the location of her one true mate.
      > "You sure?" Shocky turned around to look were Lucinda was looking. "Yes... I can sense him anywhere, we shared a Special Bond, Maelstrom!" She levitaed slightly above the flock to see if she could spot her soulmate.
      > Shocky turned around and spoke to the Ram again. "Sorry about that, my mother has been searching for a certain Ram for some time now" He tried to smile without it looking too obvious.
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