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101722Abandoned....(ATTN Frida's Pack)

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  • goodsamanthauk
    Dec 3, 2009
      Phoenix whimpered as she lay beneath a bush trying to conserve heat, at only 3 months old the tiny pup could not defend for herself and had only just been weened from her mother...but now here she was in the cold and the dark with all the scary noises and she was definately terrified she didn't know what had happened. One moment she was inside the den with her mother and the next she awoke to find herself in the middle of the forest cold and completely terrified.

      "Mama...Ma..Maaaaaaa" she whined repeating the words over and over again her tiny voice waivering a bare whisper above the natural nighttime noises in the forest. Big fat tears soaked her cheeks as she sobbed in fear.
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