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  • Ace
    May 10 1:04 AM
      Elle frowned a little confused but shrugged "Ok then so we leaving now?" she refused to show that other pack her fear they may have scared her once but never again!

      "Well, sorta, sorta not." Miruku said. "We're goign to see the alpha of this other pack, it seems."

      "Great....looking forward to seeing him again...." Howler muttered.

      "Uuuuh.....him being..him him?" Moore looked down right afraid.

      "So....I get my throat sslashed out...." Howler muttered under breath. he was reluctant to go. He knew they wwere looking for him all this time but had hoped this day wouldn't come.

      "Hmm yeah I meant to see this Alpha guy" she said in an indifferent tone when really her heart was beating ten to the dozen. "Sounds like he might be a little Gay if you ask me..." she mumbled under her breath to Howler and Rey trying to joke off her fear "Having such an infatuation with Miruku that is..."

      Rey bit back a joke in reply, having a hard time biting back a snikker

      Miruku didn't say a thing to that, he wouldn't know what to do if that were the case.

      Elle looked up in alarm in hearing that "...Thhh..rooat...
      sllaasshhhed?" she was completely shocked and knew it was clearly visable in her widended Blue gaze and the dact that every single hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

      "You will not speak of our father in such a way!" Samara snarled.

      Frida had the same angered look on her face. Yet she did not voice her opinion. She merely turned from them and looked ahead following with Samara and her other siblings.

      "Won't let that happen." Rey growled. "I'll burn 'em to ashes before I let that happen, as well as anything else that gets in my way."

      "Afterall we are comrades now, right?"

      "We....ran with a vicious pack. Our father....did a lot of hurtful things to Dakanza and his pack. And....me and
      oore...were supposed to kill Frida....but we failed...thankfully." Howler said at last.

      Miruku soon followed as well, he didn't stay far from Frida though.

      "Look, I only mean if someone tries to hurt one of my comrades." Rey said, tense.

      one thing that drove him mad was when someone immediately took what he was saying as an attack without even Bothering to see the other side of the situation.

      "Btter be glad you failed..." Miruku muttered, he remembered this.

      "Hey I said thankfully asshole." Howler bared his huge fangs at miruku in a vicious snarl. He could not stand the fact he was saved by the gimp.

      Elle seethed internally and reigned in her temper *frikkin Idiots* she thoight to herself as she sat and watched the pack that Frida was now so enamoured of, but then she guessed family was family, though Elle herself didn't put much trust in Father's especially since hers was a complete and utter bastard, she hated him to the depths of her being some days.

      Rey didnt bother to say anything to the Other pack, not even looking their way, with a terse atmosphere about him.

      "Look, both of you.....jeez, whats with the infighting crap anyway? Aren't we on the same side?"

      "Owler and Miruku are fighting for Beta. Though Miruku is sorta an outsider so....he...doesn't really stand much of a chance with a more constant ....pack....member...." Moore realized how loud he was talking.

      "Shut your mouth...." Miruku growled, not intimidated.

      "We're supposed to be helping eachother, not ready to rip eachothers faces off."

      Elle put a paw to Howlers chest knowing that if he wanted to jump Miruku he could easily do so she was so small compared to him and not at all strong in a muscle sence. "Calm Down the both of you" she said a growl in her own tone.

      Miruku blinked and looked. "Who said I was fightign for Beta?"

      "Oh, so thats what it is....a power struggle...Gee, just what we need, more strife in our lives....the worlds a friggen battlew for survival as it friggen already is." Rey rolled his eyes

      "Outsider at that? So what, That was before, I knew Frida before you even did."

      Miruku growled at the otehr ninetails. "Do Not even start with me..."

      "If you are not fighting for it then... I am beta. and what I say goes as underboss." Howler grinned. "So shut up Miruku."

      "You mistake my intent for trying to start shit...I'm just making observations."

      "You are making it an obvious point..." Miruku sighed. "Keep your observations to yourself next time..."

      Elle sighed men and their ego's "STOP IT NOW!" She barked completely peeved "I can't believe this seriously are you all scared to leave and meet this Alpha or something because you are definately acting like it, starting an argument so that it takes longer for us to even make a move!"

      "Yeah yeah....fine then....I'm not scared by the way, just annoyed. I cant stand seeing this sort of crap between allies." he said to her

      "Yeah yeah....fine then....I'm not scared by the way, just annoyed. I cant stand seeing this sort of crap between allies." he said to her

      "And I won;t lsiten to you...I saved your ass once, I beat your ass Once." Miruku snapepd at Howler.

      "I just keep solitare and help the pack, mroe often now."

      Elle raised a delicate brow at Howler "So now its going to start over again huh more snapping!" she implied he too was scared in her tone.

      "Uuugh...." The things you do for women he thought to himself. He grew quiet to Miruku and just stayed near Elle.

      "Children? Are we done? Can we go now?" Samara said over her shoulder.

      "I'm hoping you all show the alpha more respect than this...seriously." Frida said to her pack.

      Rey rolled his eyes again and looked at Elle. ".... sorry... ust ...pisses me off is all .... the last pack I ran with was infighting all the time...got all of these from them just trying to keep myself alive." he said, showing off some scars along his right flank

      "So How about this Beta, do teh pack some good and let's drop your freakin' pride."

      "So we can move on without some fighting, had enough of the crap."

      "Yes well that is definately something very close to you" Elle said to Reynard wincing as she saw the criss cross patches of scares along his side "But please can we get a move on?"

      "Should be freakin' happy I didnt let you get killed."

      "and of couse, Just sore history was brought up." Miruku replied.

      At this point Miruku dropped it, and continued to follow.

      he nodded to Elle, and Frida. "Roger that Boss....I think I'll just avoid the Alpha though...just gonna stay back....bad enough history with hostile packs fighting with themselves, I'd rather not get caught up in any chance of snapping again like what just happened....sorry Boss." he sighed, following a bit of a distance back

      "It's fine Rey." Frida nodded to him. He seemed to be the one with any sense here besides Elle.

      Elle just sighed and shook her head she was definately going to reserve some of her meaner comments for later as she knew this would probably be a big recurrance.

      As they moved, Miruku looked about trying to see if he could recall this place, and how clsoe they were to the staging.

      Howler was quiet now worried about how Dakanza was going to react to him. He was a shame among his own family and now he was stronger here and a good choice for pack Beta yet...he felt beat down by the rest of the pack. He was just another failure.

      Elle followed the others trying to keep her sences about her if she ever did need to make a run for it she would need to know the way back. Her stomach rumbled crying out in need of food, the race through the tree's had taken every last bit of energy she had and currently she was running on adrenaline alone.

      he nodded silently, following them

      Samara and Thorin took the lead as they got closer into the pack lands. And as they approached Moore could smell other dogs. Saw signs of kills and where the pack had spent time together. He was nervous like Howler about this.

      Elle looked at Howler he seemed kind of worried judging by the look on his face she nudged his side and smiled as yet again her stomach rumbled in hunger.

      He looked up from the ground to see Elle there with a smile. He couldn't help but feel like he was walking on toward his own execution. He had many enemies in the area and especially Dakanza.

      "Need to find you something." Howler said hearing her belly rumble.

      Miruku looked around even more. "Heh, I got thsi feeling of anxciousness...let's hope it's nothing bad." He took note of the events.

      "I feel it too." Frida said. It was worse that Half was so quiet. He seemed so dead set against meeting with the other pack and it's alpha. It made her nervous not knowing all her mate's secrets.

      Elle felt the blood rise up to her cheeks thankful that her fur was black else you would have seen the embarassment "Yeah I'm a little hungry" she said as yet again her tummy protested its lack of food "Don't worry Howler..." she said looking into his eyes with a knowing look as if she knew his fear when really she didn't she just wanted him to loose that expression as if he were about to die.

      "let's hope hes's rational and such, and won't see any of us as foes." Miruku then added. "i'm sure he won't, butstill..." he eyed Howler, with soem concern.

      "I worry...I always do. When life has been as hard as mine you worry...a lot." Howler admitted to her as they walked along. He wondered if it was too late for him to turn back.

      "You should remember how he was Miruku. He was fair. Strong firm and fair." Frida smiled remembering her adoptive father well.

      "We all had hard lives..." Miruku then said. "You reformed, maybe he'll be some armestance to you and Moore."

      Elle worried her lower lip a little scared now especially feeling the atmosphere within the pack it seemed as if they were all going to their deaths. "Ok...your all scaring me"

      Reynard didnt bother to respond to either of them with anything more than a grunt, irritated by the sudden phobic atmosphere. "Seriously....its not like you have to stand there and let them kill you, you can always run or fight or whatever."

      "Fair indeed." Miruku nodded. "so Moore and Howler should be safe, though glared at with soem dubious feelings."

      "I haven't seen Dakanza in a while, so I hope he's the same old Dakanza I knew."

      Elle kept silent after this, just carried on walking her hunger knawing at her insides.

      "Sorry Boss.....had to say it." he shut up again.

      Frida just closed her eyes and sighed haking her head. Of them all it was her and Miruku who knew Dakanza best. It was hard for her to listen to all the fears over her father as they travelled. They didn't know him like she did.

      "I'm confident he's the same wolf." Miruku the nsaid, optimistically.

      "Almost home." Goshin said his tail wagged. He knew there was a large kill waiting and his mouth watered.

      "About time." thorin snapped near Samara.

      Miruku looked over at them breifly before focusing forward, he didn't know those ones much, however he will need to be more mature, especialyl since he was talked about.

      Elle could see the signs that a pack lived here and when she heard they would soon be at their destination she almost stumbled...but keeping her head up high she walked on.

      "I might duck out of this one..." Howler said under breath as he began to slow hiss pace down and figured he could just run off for a bit. Who knew. He shrugged.

      "Well if yoru sure...what happens if the yfind you without us?" Miruku said. "That probably wouldn't look good unless someone was informed."

      Elle heard Howler and frowned but began to slow her pace with him she didn't want him out there by himself especially on hearing what Miruku was now saying.

      "I don't know what I'm doing anymore...." Howler shook his head. Everything seemed so simple before. They were searching with no leads. and now...they found Dakanza. Something he had hoped wouldn't happen.

      "you alright?" Rey asked her, noting the near-stumble. He wasn't looking at Howler or Miruku. Until they started actign their age he wasn't even going to look at them lest he be tempted to start something as miruku had thought he was intending earlier. He wasnt even sure why he was suddenly so disdainful, but it was getting on his nerves that he was feeling that wayu at all let alone toward a comrade, which bothered him that he couldnt figure out why, and it became a deadly spiral, and he growled in frustration, trying to get the hostile thoughts about Everything out of his mind, a voice from the past whispering angry thoughts into his ear.

      Elle looked up at Reynards tone and smiled "Yeah I'm fine thanks for asking, you're a sweetie you know that?"

      "Heh...thanks." her words cut short the angry voice in his mind, and he nodded "Mind if I just stay with you two till their business is done over there? I'd rather not end up starting any crap."

      Miruku didn't say anythign else, he gave his advice. He was just anxcious to meeting an old friend.

      Elle looked back and forth between Howler and Miruku and then to Reynard "Hmmm well if you really wanted to go off...I'd come with you and looks like Reynard would too, if they caught up with us later then..." she shrugged and added "Well we could just say we went off all 3 to have some nookie"

      Howler was hardly in the mood for that anymore. Even though it did bring some hunger spark in him he felt it quickly fade with his fear choking up hiss mind. Even more now as he could hear the voices of the other dogs of the pack not too far off.

      Megapost by the Pack: Ace, Sammi, Typho and Rey

      > "I don't know either...but..bythe loosk we have a past with thier parents...and now i'm, sort of looking forward to the meeting." Miruku said. he was, he wondered if the alpha would still reconize him, he was stil la kid hismelf almost.
      > "Seems that the Boss wants answers." Rey said to them both. "I couldnt quite catch it all, something about....yeah, that." he nodded to Miruku and then back to them.
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