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  • Jennifer Jones
    Apr 1, 2009
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      Faith tenderly entwined her tail with Sergio's in response to hearing his message and sensing the mild frustration in his aura. Tenseing in the instant heard the familiar voice come from behind, causing her to slowly turn in dread. The sight of Hawk reawaking dorment memories of nearly one year ago on the island. She could not understand the light betakas choice, but something felt strange in an agreement that would force two bitter enemies into an alliance. That dark mew could not be trusted, he had proved that in the past, and while she was a believer in second chances, Hawk had exhausted dozens of opportunities for any kind of change. ~Be on your gaurd dear, something does not feel right for either betaka to choose such an agreement...~ she sent quietly, a part of her hoping that Sergio might take a stand on this issue since having that mew nearby on a dangerious mission would be disasterous.

      Intriged by the unfolding events, the shadowy mew on the rooftop far away studied the situation. Calculating the potential outcomes for a play on either side of this strange alliance. ~Do not discard such a thing as impossible for reviving the dead is a simple task for those capable of movement through the passages of time...~ he sent quietly for Luclin alone while he survayed the situation in silence for only few seconds. ~These tainted betaka have betrayed other tribes beyond your own, and fear the powers they do not understand... You would be wise to remain alert and cautious Luclin for soon the chance to test your loyalties shall arise... And the one you seek, the heir to that key capable of unlocking the passages of time, may prove an ally...~ the dark mew sent before becomming silent. In time he would approach her personally, although for now he simply wished to set the hook to ensure her obediance. Her blood was precious, he did not care to let the foul betaka spill her valuable blood in their worthless war.

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      ~I love you Faith~ Sergio knew he had been robbed of so much in his life. Yet, now he felt some of the things he lost had been returned to him in other forms. He lost a loving mate and he was given Faith.

      ~There is something I am meant to accomplish here. I can feel it mother and my path is serving the betaka.~ She said at last once she felt she could try and explain it all.
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