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Re: Downloadable mp3's for sale at ReR(?)

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  • darrenwlsy
    ... Could I just say, how much I enjoy the world of Thinking Plague ... an amazing band and group of musicians... ... I ve had experience in the trading
    Message 1 of 14 , Jun 2, 2006
      --- "Bob Drake" <polarbears@...> wrote:
      > Speaking as a person who makes and records music:

      Could I just say, how much I enjoy the world of "Thinking Plague"...
      an amazing band and group of musicians...

      > I'll be interested in the downloadable possibilities when there
      > is a practical format at LEAST as good as PCM 16 bit/44.1kHz
      > which we have now on CDs. Until then I feel it's a pity to sell
      > the work in an inferior (mp3) format.
      > Besides the great loss of sound quality, one also have to wonder
      > about the work one put into the cover and booklet; the artwork
      > which has been a part of albums forever. Expect people to download
      > and print it, or just forget about album art? That also seems a
      > bit of a pity, though the idea bothers me a lot less than does
      > the great reduction in audio quality.

      I've had experience in the trading world, with people trading CD-r's
      of their favourite music... by-and-large many simply cannot be
      bothered with the extra effort of creating album cover artwork to go
      with what they've downloaded/copied... which is a shame.

      > I also like making "an album", a collection of songs with an
      > overall feel and sound and atmosphere, put in a deliberate order
      > to make an exciting or at least interesting listening experience.
      > Not a bunch of individual songs meant to be "sold seperately".
      > I know there are listeners out there who still think the way I
      > do, who appreciate the best sound quality, and enjoy the overall
      > shape and pacing of an album put together by the artist.
      > Obviously there are lots of listeners who aren't bothered by the
      > loss of sound quality, don't care, or simply can't tell the
      > difference, etc. That's alright, but I won't get on that bandwagon.

      I spent years collecting bootlegs (audio tapes, vinyl and CD's), and
      the range in quality was very noticeable... I think the advent of
      mini-disk and DAT recorders for the home consumer opened up a wide
      field of possibilities as well as created a greater demand for
      better quality material.

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