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Re: The Artaud Beats

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  • James Peter
    Thank you for your helpful replies, Chris and Juan.
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 17, 2013
      Thank you for your helpful replies, Chris and Juan.

      --- In ReRmegacorp@yahoogroups.com, ccc@... wrote:
      > > I've seen a collection of CDs on facebook from the Japanese tour. Is this
      > > the release alluded to by Chris in this group? Or is there to be another
      > > record, on ReR, for instance?
      > >
      > > hi
      > the collection you saw was put together by yumi hara after the japan tour
      > specifically for the
      > that audience (some of whom asked if we'd do that -. japan is very
      > different from europe in the way things are managed and financed). that
      > box was a document: it contained every concert from the tour on CD, and
      > most of it on dvd as well. we only made a few copies, with the idea of
      > subsidising the travel costs of the next japanese tour. but these are not
      > for general sale.
      > however, we are planning to assemble a CD, hopefully in the first part of
      > this year.
      > they will be live recordings too - at this stage the Abeats is essentially
      > a performing group i think,
      > best
      > c
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