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1302Re: [ReRmegacorp] recent ReR releases

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  • alan holmes
    Jun 25 3:03 AM
      thanks Chris... yes those were the releases you mentioned. Sorry this conversation went public, but who knows, maybe it might generate an extra sale or two.


      On 25/06/2014 08:49, ccc@megacorp.u-net.com [ReRmegacorp] wrote:

      hi alan,

      > two recent releases on the label...

      i'm afraid i have no idea; the comment would have been context specific
      and i can't recall the context; i suspect it may have been about the way
      that whatever we release it's the cow, faust, art bears, this heat,
      cassiber &c - old titles - that sell, and that's why it's so hard to
      release new music now. if we do almost no one will take a chance on it...
      it's why after 3 or 4 years i still can't proceed with the points east
      box.. i may have mentioned aki peltonen's record and Istavan marta's both
      great works that sold virtually nothing. jon rose radically undersells,
      given his importance, even new fred titles do little while the old do
      well. the only contemporary music we can be sure to recoup costs on is the

      > you and Zappi meshed together, being such different drummers. Was the
      performance recorded?

      it was fun to play with zappi and jean-herve again, i know that the
      festival didn't record it but some civilians may well have.... i believe
      yumi made a video.



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