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  • aleachilli
    Oct 5, 2013
      A few hours ago I attended the funeral of Marco Veronesi at Lambrate crematorium in Milano.
      Marco had been one of the founder members of the second Recommended Records Italy: the first one was a distribution-only, short lived mail order catalogue, established in Bologna around 1980, while the second Recommended Records Italy was a branch of Adn, a record label and mail order run in Milano by Marco Veronesi, Alberto Crosta and Piero Bielli, and -- after 1992 or '93 -- by Marco alone.
      Marco was especially fond of so-called "industrial music"; nevertheless he always did his best for the distribution and diffusion of all the ReR, r.i.o. and not conventional musics.
      In the long years between 1983 and the internet era, Adn (and then Adn/Recommended) was the only place in Italy were you could find those kind of records: the credit for such opportunity belongs to Marco and his pals.
      Marco was suffering from a form of multiple sclerosis, and died just a few days after Lindsay Cooper for that same disease.
      Alessandro Achilli