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1231Re: Lindsay Cooper Compilation

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  • Hal Dean
    Mar 6, 2013
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      I have no resources, contacts, or anything constructive to offer for this project. However, as a lover of Lindsay's music, I must say I would be grateful for release of any of the music that is in discussion here.

      I'm American. i visited Glasgow in 1990 and just happened to arrive when Glasgow was the European City of the Year (I think that is the right name of the accolade), with lots pf performances underway. A dance troupe performed with music by Lindsay, played by a live group. i talked someone else at the Youth Hostel into going with me. It was incredibly moving and beautiful. I've long hoped some of Lindsay's dance music would see the light of day.

      So, please, anyone that has the cassettes, open reel tapes, LPs, whatever the raw materials are for this project, get them to Udi and/or Chris or someone who can make it happen!

      Warm regards to all,
      Hal dean  
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