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Re: [RawPortland] Suggestions for growing wheatgrass and spirulina

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  • Gabrielle
    I use the cafeteria tray method to grow wheatgrass with great success. They grow a large amount of grass for serious users, are easy to cut, sturdy, cheap
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 30, 2005
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      I use the cafeteria tray method to grow wheatgrass with great success.
      They grow a large amount of grass for serious users, are easy to cut,
      sturdy, cheap (around $2 new at restaurant supply houses like Boxer NW,
      and sometimes you can find them at thriftshops). If you are going to
      drink wheatgrass every day, you'll need to keep 3 trays in various
      stages of production, so buy at least 4 (one is to use as a cover in the
      sprouting stage. The other equipment is a bowl to soak the wheat
      berries (rye, kamut, spelt, etc all work, two, if you buy them in bulk
      at a health food store) a non metal colander, potting soil and I suggest
      some form of mineral amendment, either diluted sea water, or Azomite, or
      glacial rock dust. You're wheat grass will grow fine without these, but
      as long as you're going to all the trouble to improve your nutrition by
      growing wheat grass, why not boost your available trace minerals from
      the juice, too? To get started, soak about 2 cups of wheat berrries in
      non clorine water overnight. Rinse in the colandar the next morning and
      leave there for another day or two, until you see little white tails
      growing. Be sure to pour water over your berries in the colandar once
      or twice during this time so they dont dry out. I just leave it in the
      kitchen sink. Fill a tray with potting soil, press it down with your
      hands, and sprinkle on the soil amendment. Gently spread your little
      wheat berry babies to completely cover the surface. Cover with an empty
      tray for another day or two until the sprouts are beginning to show.
      Remove cover and put the tray in a window (it doesn't need full sun to
      grow) keeping moist. You can cut the grass as needed with a scissors
      when it's about 4-5 inches high. Cut cust about the soil line where the
      green part ends, and if all goes well, it will re-grow for a second
      cutting. The warmer it is, the faster everything will grow. After it's
      grown, I put my trays on the deck to slow down the growth which
      continues. If you let it go too long before harvesting, The poor little
      crowded plants will become thin and eventually exhaust the soil.
      Recycle your spent mats in a worm bin or compost pile. Eventually, they
      will become rich soil which you can then use to grow more wheatgrass.
      One more thing. If you don't already own a wheat grass juicer, consider
      purchasing a multipurpose juicer that allows you to make a blended
      juice. We love our Samson (bought it on the internet for $300) because
      we can put the wheatgrass through with chopped carrots, beet, lemon and
      ginger and make something really tasty to drink.


      pdx.dave wrote:

      > My roommate is interested in growing and processing his own wheatgrass
      > and spirulina. (2 issues I realize).
      > does anyone have suggestions for good places to get the materials for
      > this process? Also looking for personal advice/experience in this area.
      > d
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