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"Harnessing Intention: Healing the Heart of the World" gift (fwd)

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    Dear Tree of Life Family, Forty world class teachers have come together with a community vision that will heal our selves -- body, mind, and spirit -- and our
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2005
      Dear Tree of Life Family,

      Forty world class teachers have come together with a community vision that will heal our selves -- body, mind, and spirit -- and our precious Earth -- JOIN US! 

      This remarkable new book showcases the latest thinking from leaders like Caroline Myss, Prince Charles, John Gray, Naomi Judd, Masuru Emoto, Dean Ornish, Neale Donald Walsch, Andrew Harvey, Thich Nhat Hanh, Bruce Lipton, Gabriel Cousens, and many others.  We are bringing this offer to you because we want “Healing the Heart of the World” to top the Best Seller List on its first day.  Never before have so many voices spoken so clearly -- it’s time for change!

      All royalties from sales of this book TODAY will go to charity, so by helping us achieve this goal, you will also be supporting two worthy causes -- Halo Trust (removing land mines) and Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.

      To learn more about this offer, click here:  http://www.HealingtheHeartBestSeller.com

      To celebrate the release of “Healing the Heart of the World,” we are offering you an array of bonus gifts available nowhere else.  When you purchase just one copy, TODAY, December 7th, these bonus gifts are yours, absolutely without charge. 

      To see the special array of beautiful gifts, go to: http://www.HealingtheHeartBestSeller.com/

      Consider this, not just for yourself, but also a treasured gift to inspire others.  At only $16.50, it makes the perfect gift.

      On this special day, December 7th, join the Healing the Heart of the World Family.  Purchase this beautiful book, filled with fresh and compelling new ideas to heal body, mind, and spirit in ways tays that also support the healing of our precious Earth.  Plus, receive these marvelous bonus gifts instantly.  YOUR ACTION WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  The world is ready for healing.

      Following are further thoughts about this opportunity from Michael at the Tree of Life, but basic instructions were covered above:

      How cool would it be if we took the thousands of people who belong to the mailing lists of wise and popular teachers and healers like Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Caroline Myss, Neale Donald Walsch, Prince Charles, Joan Borsenko – 40 teachers overall – and motivated them to go to the Tree of Life website, where they could read the Introduction to Spiritual Nutrition and also hear Gabriel Cousens teaching a seminar online??

      What a boost for the world's conscious peacemakers to learn about Gabriel's foundational lifestyles for spiritual unfoldment!

      Thankfully, all these healers, teachers, and writers' mailing lists WILL be coming to the Tree of Life website!

      Why??  How?

      These 42 writers, including Gabriel Cousens, are the Co-Authors of a new book called: Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet!

      Now, here’s the cool strategy come up with by the publishers of Healing the Heart of the World:

      Every one of the 40 Co-Authors is sending out a message to their mailing list—it will say that every person who you purchases Healing the Heart of the World on December 7, 2005 only will receive an incredible bonus: access to free online gifts from all of the other Co-Authors!  These gifts include subscriptions, articles, audio-visual programs, and more!  Imagine—this means valuable teachings and God knows what else being offered by these amazing healers.

      Each one of us can send the word to your own networks and lists of friends, telling them about the opportunity to make Healing the Heart of the World a bestseller and receive these amazing resources!  The more the word gets passed on, the more people will have the opportunity to experience not only to the free downloads from Gabriel Cousens and the Tree of Life, but also to proliferate the Awakening.

      Beyond the all bonuses you receive from the Co-Authors for buying Healing the Heart of the World, simply by referring 3 of your friends to purchase it you get access to the extra-bonus gifts that each Co-Author has reserved just for us who refer three other people to purchase the book!

      So, go on, go to http://www.healingbestseller.com to raise this important book to massive bestseller status.  Gabriel's chapter in it is awesome.  It is the first chapter in Section Two: Radical Healing.  This is the same section that also includes Vasant Lad, Fred Mitouer, Zhi Gang Sha, and Alan Davidson.  Gabriel's article is called "The Culture of Liberation."  A box at the beginning of Gabriel's chapter gives the website for the Tree of Life.  The more this book gets out there, people will find their way to the Tree of Life, experience the Oasis for Awakening, and become the Culture of Liberation!

      Healing the Heart of the World is a high-caliber book, a high-caliber publisher, and a high-caliber bestseller campaign with the power to precipitate global transformation.  We know Gabriel's voice has long been a little too deep, too in-tune, and too penetrating for many of the more populous spiritual movements and followings.  This event evidences that Gabriel's message and the world's consciousness are meeting today.  Let us support this unfolding with our strongest and highest intention and action.  Please purchase Healing the Heart of the World for:
      - Savoring Gabriel's amazing, never-before seen chapter;
      - Being a part of the process of spreading the light of spiritual nutrition, sevenfold peace, the culture of liberation, and Gabriel's living legacy, the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center and the Peace Every Day Initiative;
      - Receiving what is being offered from other global lightworkers as appreciation for getting this book out there as a top bestseller.

      What more needs be said?!  Thank you.

      Michael Bedar
      Promotions and Media Relations Specialist
      Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
      686 Harshaw Ave
      PO Box 778
      Patagonia, AZ  85624

      tel: 866-394-2520, x.209
      fax: 415-598-2409

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