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Loss of Liberty on Vaccinations

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  • Janna Blake-Allan
    I am passing this info along...so we can all do something about this! Janna From: dan_marnie95 To: MormonVeg@yahoogroups.com Sent: 11/3/2005 8:58:51 AM
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2005
      I am passing this info along...so we can all do something about this!  Janna
      Sent: 11/3/2005 8:58:51 AM
      Subject: [MormonVeg] Loss of Liberty on Vaccinations
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      We are, I am sorry to tell you, facing a uniquely dangerous moment
      in our history. An industry with more money than sense and a
      government with more greed than patriotism are conspiring to take
      away your right to control your body, keep it safe and, if harmed,
      seek recompense from the corporation which harmed you.

      The Threat's Name? Senate Bill 1873

      Senator Richard Burr, http://burr.senate.gov/, of North Carolina has
      introduced a bill which, if passed, means the end of health freedom,
      possibly the end of your health and most certainly the end of your
      right to a trial by a jury of your peers in the all-too-likely event
      that you or your child have been harmed by a vaccine.
      The "Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of
      2005" also takes away your right to know what you have been injected
      with (no disclosure, no Freedom of Information Act suits, none!) and
      your right to be compensated if that vaccination harms you or a
      loved one.

      I am writing to you to ask you to take all three types of action
      listed below:

      1. Write to your Congressmen/women to let them know that both the
      Senate (S1873) and House (HR3970) versions of the bill must be

      2. Call Congress. The Congressional Switchboard is 1-202-225-3121.
      The operators will connect you with your congressional delegation
      when you tell them your zip code.

      3. Call the White House. Their number is 1-202-456-1414.

      Tell the people you speak to that you are adamantly opposed to S1873
      and HR3970 since vaccines are dangerous and compulsory vaccination
      violates your personal rights to self determination. Further, you
      flatly reject the creation of a secret agency which would operate
      without public oversight to created and compel the use of vaccines
      whose composition, side effects and hazards are not only unknown,
      but would be kept permanently hidden from the public.

      Let them know that you will not tolerate the loss of compensation
      for harm and the loss of a trial by a jury of your peers to
      determine the nature and extent of any such harm to you or your
      loved ones and that a vote for these bills -- or others like them --
      is completely unacceptable if the member of Congress wants to stand
      for re-election.

      Make no mistake about it: Bird flu vaccines do not exist and cannot
      exist for some 6-18 months. Whatever you are vaccinated with will be
      experimental and therefore dangerous. With no liability to deter
      them, the vaccine makers can try anything they want or use any
      shoddy techniques they like and you cannot claim any harm has been
      done to you for the purposes of compensation. Not only that, the
      contents of these forced vaccinations for who-knows-what are secret!
      So whether the vaccines contain

      Stealth viruses (which many now do)
      Squalene (a major threat to life and health as many a Gulf War
      Veteran knows to his/her endless distress)
      Aluminum or other known toxins
      Live viruses which should have been killed or
      Other contaminants,

      not only will you never know, you can be forced to submit to
      vaccination and accept whatever comes next.
      The issue here is two fold: your health and your health freedom.

      Would it shock you to know that serious scientists question the very
      premise of public health through vaccination? That the sacred cow
      of "herd immunity" (diseases go away because all of us have been
      vaccinated) is not very good science and, because of the dangers of
      vaccines, terrible medicine?

      Vaccination is neither effective nor safe although we have been told
      that both are true for so long that their effectiveness and safety
      seems self-evident. The truth, however, is far more disquieting. And
      for untested vaccines, the story is worse. Much worse. Here are some
      sites to which you can go to get in-depth information about this
      troubling question:

      Vaccination Information and Choice Network
      Vaccine Dangers
      Vaccination Dangers
      Deep Down Wellness
      The Vaccine Page
      National Vaccine Information Center
      Even if you believe in vaccines for you and yours, the idea of a
      compulsory vaccine program administered by a secret agency with zero
      accountability to you and the same legal liability for the companies
      who make potentially lethal injections (zero once again) is a major
      threat to your liberty and mine. I urge you to take action and ask
      your circle of influence to do the same.

      Yours in health and freedom,

      Rima E. Laibow, MD

      Medical Director

      PS: I testified before the FDA today on the overuse of psychoactive
      medications in children and adolescents. It was fascinating. I'll
      tell you about it in my next email to you. In the meantime, please
      support our work defending health and health freedom for all of us!

      PPS: Oh, yes, please give to the Natural Soltutions Foundation and
      help us keep on keeping our freedoms alive!

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