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Me? Sick?!

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  • Celeste Crimi
    I know, it s not supposed to happen to us. We ve been 100% raw for a long time! We ve even heard rumors that we re impervious to the sun s damage, that we ll
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2005
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      I know, it's not supposed to happen to us.  We've been 100% raw for a long time!  We've even heard rumors that we're impervious to the sun's damage, that we'll live 10,000 years, etc.
      With a 'killer flu' going around, I congratulated myself on my healthful choice of living habits and gave thanks that I wouldn't be buying into the 'annual flu vaccine' hype.  My friend and I even remarked to one another, "Good thing we're raw!"
      And yet, last night I noticed a bit of soreness in my tonsils.  I went to bed then, and my husband Rich turned on the humidifier.  This morning he honored my request to keep our room dark and not to wake me.
      I woke up on my own after sleeping almost 12 hours.  Energy, appetite, temperature, etc all normal.  Tonsils still sore.
      I made the sipper below and now feel 75-80% better.  It truly is delicious and goes down easy.    Try it if you'd like:

      Chard Miso Sipper

      Celeste Crimi


      Got a sore throat?  Or just feeling like you need a boost?  This warm, healthful drink is at once soothing and revitalizing.  And there are no fats or other hard-to-digest foods to divert the healing process.



      4 c filtered water

      2-3 Tbsp unpasteurized miso (any style)

      1 small or ½ large lemon, bright yellow zest removed

      1 inch chunk ginger

      1 whole clove garlic, unpeeled

      2 leaves chard (any color) or beet greens (sub other greens if unavailable)

      1 ripe, red hot pepper (such as cayenne, jalapeño, or chipotle)


      Homogenize in Vitamix for 3 minutes or until just warm (feel the outside of the blending container to monitor temperature).


      Sip as a drink, rewarming as necessary.


      If desired, turn into soup by adding:

      ¼ c dried wakame

      1-2 carrots, sliced

      2 leaves greens (any), chopped

      1-2 ribs celery, sliced

      ¼ c minced onion (any)


      Please note that once solid veggies are added, they will need to be strained out for re-warming, or else they’ll be blended to bits, as well.


      Serves 1 as an all-day sipper, or 4 as a soup.

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