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Great article about Thomas and Gabrielle!

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  • Mike
    Hello friends, I just received a link to this great article about Thomas and Gabrielle in the West Linn Tidings newspaper! Congratulations! Mike
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2005
      Hello friends,

      I just received a link to this great article
      about Thomas and Gabrielle in the "West Linn
      Tidings" newspaper!




      Eating raw and healing from within

      by Jim Hart

      West Linn residents Thomas and Gabrielle Chavez are both open to

      Over the years, they've both changed in the way they think, the way
      they live, the way they prepare food, the way they care for such
      things as the natural environment and their relationships with other
      people as well as their health and spirituality.

      "Alternative" is not an addendum to their vocabularies.

      It is the guiding word.

      Gabrielle is a vegan, and eats only raw, organic foods, which have
      not been heated or cooked or contain unnatural additives.

      She also is an accomplished herbalist, gardener and flower essence

      She is the founding pastor of a church which, by choice, does not
      have a building; instead, meeting in homes and other rented venues
      around the metro area.

      It's safe to say she's on the edge of mainstream America.
      But this quiet, loving woman is a graduate of Yale University, with
      degrees in biology and religion.

      She also is a Reiki master, and has trained as a raw foods chef. She
      hosts a gourmet raw food potluck and founded Share the Love Catering.
      That venture, she says, is for people who want food that nourishes
      the soul as well as the body.

      And now she has written a book describing her attitude toward

      In "The Raw Food Gourmet — Going Raw for Total Well-Being," she
      offers the how-to for people who might consider increasing their
      intake of raw foods — especially gourmet raw foods.

      Chapters in her book address the following topics: the art of being a
      raw gourmet, global fruit, cake for breakfast, green food, soups and
      crackers, cheese dreams, feast food, sweet food, traveling raw,
      gardening in the raw and raw spirituality.

      Her husband, Thomas, like his wife, is an author, eats raw foods and
      is basically a co-pastor in their church: Christ the Healer United
      Church of Christ, an interfaith spiritual community in the greater
      Portland area.

      But he approaches the goal of a healthful life in a slightly
      different way than his wife. He was a student of the late John
      Whitman Ray, who grew up in West Linn in the early 20th century.

      Whitman (and now his living followers) preached a system of medicine
      that made use of a number of methods of self-care that Chavez says
      help people miraculously cure themselves of otherwise incurable

      That system is detailed in Chavez's book, "Body Electronics: Vital
      Steps for Physical Regeneration," which was released in the United
      States at the same time as his wife's book.

      "If you adopt the entire process (lifestyle) and are diligent,"
      Chavez said, "you can expect to have medically impossible cures —
      regularly and consistently."

      It becomes obvious very quickly that neither of the Chavez's has a
      lot of faith in Western medicine. They want to take full advantage of
      the body's inborn ability to heal itself, and they don't want to be
      accused of destroying even the smallest part of the planet.

      The books the two pastors have written as well as the instruction the
      two give in their areas of expertise are among the outreach
      ministries of their church.

      Gabrielle F. Chavez

      While living with members of Findhorn, a famous eco-village and
      spiritual community very close to the Arctic Circle in northern
      Scotland, she "baked" a raw cake, impressing its members so much that
      they asked her to write a book and include many recipes for raw foods.

      A raw cake, such as the one she is holding in the photo, is comprised
      of avocados, walnuts, raisins, broccoli, strawberries and vanilla. It
      took her 15 minutes to assemble. The icing could be made from
      macadamia nuts and lemon.

      The first edition of "The Raw Food Gourmet — Going Raw for Total Well-
      Being" was published this year by Findhorn Press, and is receiving
      distribution in the United Kingdom and Europe. Subsequently, Findhorn
      was asked by North Atlantic Books, Thomas' publisher, if the
      Berkeley, Calif., company could publish the book by the same title
      and distribute in the United States.

      Since raw food is such an integral part of daily life for her, Chavez
      cannot eliminate it from her conversation or her relationships with
      other people.

      Eating raw (unpasteurized living foods) is one of the major methods
      of maintaining health and achieving physical healing that she employs
      in her life.

      But healing in her physical and spiritual life, she says, also takes
      shape in the context of her earthly family, the church as a
      manifestation of the body of Christ.

      "We worship in spiritual gatherings," she said. "We work with the
      idea that the body of Christ is Christ's healing presence in our day
      and age," she said, "and the body is gifted. And we invite the people
      that come to share their gifts — their spiritual gifts and treasures."
      Such as the Japanese hands-on healing technique of Reiki.

      Two years into her ministry (1998), someone brought a gift of raw
      foods. She and her husband jumped into the raw food "pool" head
      first, attending a raw food festival and becoming "converted."
      That's when she discovered that Portland is a Western U.S. epicenter
      for raw food.

      And now that she is completely vegan, and completely raw for the past
      four years, she says she loves everything associated with her
      lifestyle, especially the catering. And promoting her book.

      Thomas C. Chavez

      Years ago, while attending four weeks of seminars with Dr. John
      Whitman Ray, including a minimum of 72 hours of concen-trated study
      each week, Chavez decided that he must learn more from this 20th-
      century guru.

      He has spent the past 20 years studying Ray's audiotapes and
      videotapes and learning through practice what Ray had taught on the
      subject of regenerating and maintaining health through a process —
      actually a lifestyle —called "body electronics."

      Chavez has been recognized for taking what he learned to a higher

      Once a student, Chavez now has become the teacher — and author.
      Building on what Ray learned through 25 years of research on all of
      the world's forms of medicine, Chavez is continuing to preach the
      gospel of health according to Ray.

      "What John did," Chavez said, "was find a way to weave all these
      (alternative forms of medicine) together so that they would (work
      together for a cure)."

      The book, "Body Electronics: Vital Steps for Physical Regeneration,"
      is receiving good reviews, including a recent one from a West Linn
      reader that states: (the book) is the owner's manual for maintaining
      a healthy body and soul that should have been handed out to every one
      of us at birth."

      A medical doctor reviewing the book states: "The powerful message in
      this book is that it is a total program to improve life function,
      love, relationships and openness to all of life's pains and joys."

      Another author says, "(the book) provides the basis for a complete
      transformation of body, mind and spirit."

      The process of body electronics, according to its author, is a self-
      healing system that involves nutrient saturation through diet and
      supplementation, and can be used for every imaginable trauma or

      Among topics in the book are:
      how to achieve enough nutrients with the right combination of enzymes
      and minerals; how much water to drink, and why it's important; why
      eating cooked foods is a damaging addiction; and how to achieve the
      proper levels of bacterial flora in the intestine.

      In addition to physical wellness, the book also addresses spiritual
      and psychological well-being.

      The books are available at the two monthly raw food potlucks; Healthy
      Spaces, 1833 Willamette Falls Drive; VitaMedics in Oregon City;
      several Powell's Books outlets and on Internet Web sites including:
      http://www.powells.com and http://www.amazon.com

      For more information, contact Gabrielle Chavez at 503-650-4447 or
      write an e-mail to:
      gabrielle (at) cthgathering.org
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