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Re: [RawPortland] Flaxseed for Appetite Control

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  • Celeste Crimi
    Thank you, Janna! I often forget to include flax seeds in my diet, as well. And when I do, it s usually in crackers. Which I must admit, I find so delicious
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 11, 2005
      Thank you, Janna!  I often forget to include flax seeds in my diet, as well. 
      And when I do, it's usually in crackers.  Which I must admit, I find so delicious that I don't think of it as appetite control--it's more a question of, "Woops, I ate a whole sheet and I was just planning to check and see if they were done yet!"  :)
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      Subject: [RawPortland] Flaxseed for Appetite Control

      This information came to me in one of the newsletters that I receive on a
      regular basis. I thought that most of you would enjoy reading it! I need to
      remember to put flax seed in my smoothies ALL the time! Since I have a Vita
      Mix...I can just put 1 or 2 tablespoons in the blender and it will end up
      smooth. But, if you don't have Vita Mix or a K-Tek Champ...then grind them
      in a coffee grinder until fine...then you can put them in your smoothie (or
      dip or dressing or whatever).


      Flax Seeds for Appetite Control

      by Victoria

      Flax seeds are an excellent food to incorporate into your healthy eating
      plan.  With their heart healing omega 3 and 6 (essential fatty acids),
      colon cleansing fiber and immune enhancing lignans, you owe it to your body
      to give this food a chance to do it's miraculous work.

      By eating flax seeds on a daily basis for several weeks you can promote
      normal cholesterol levels, your digestion will improve and you will
      generally feel better.

      One quarter cup of Flax seeds have more colon cleansing fiber than one cup
      of the following:

      40% bran flakes Total cereal black beans lentils chickpeas brown rice
      broccoli corn

      The same amount (1/4 cup) of flax seeds contains as many immune enhancing
      lignans as:

      90 pounds of cabbage 82 pounds of bananas 75 pounds of strawberries 26
      pounds of broccoli 12 pounds of wheat

      You can even make a meal replacement out of a flax seed shake.  If you make
      a shake and drink 2 glasses of water afterwards, it will reduce your
      appetite for the next meal.  When using flax seeds, make sure to drink
      plenty of water as they are like sponges and absorb water quickly.
      Flax seeds also have a mild laxative effect, so don't over do it.

      Buy whole flax seeds, keep them in the refrigerator, and grind them in a
      good coffee grinder (used only for flax seeds) just before use.  Flax seeds
      oxidize quickly once ground, so only grind them right before you use them
      and don't buy flax seeds already ground up.

      Here is a recipe I whip up on occasion that my whole family enjoys:

      Flax shake for one:

      1 cups water 1 cup ice 1 banana 1 1/2 tablespoons finely ground flax seeds

      Throw all of this into a blender and whip it until frothy. After drinking
      it, follow with another glass of water if needed.

      I have tried grinding flax seeds with a food processor, but it doesn't
      work. You must use a coffee grinder.

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