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green smoothies cause whole-body molt!

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  • Celeste Crimi
    Dear Victoria, Thank you again for coming to see us here in Portland--your talk created quite a stir! I served green-brown smoothie at a potluck this week (of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2005
      Dear Victoria,
      Thank you again for coming to see us here in Portland--your talk created quite a stir!  I served green-brown smoothie at a potluck this week (of course it all got drunk up), and Brandon gave a report on what we all learned during your visit (www.rawfamily.com).
      Victoria, I've been eating lots of green smoothies (and also blueberries).  Lately, when I get really hungry, instead of craving almond or sesame butter, I crave green smoothies, or blueberries.  Occasionally, an avocado. 
      Monday, I noticed my skin looked TERRIBLE.  I normally have flawless skin, and receive many compliments on my peaches and cream complexion.  But this time, my whole body, including my face, looked grey, old, dry, dull, lifeless, papery and just 'yuck.'  It looked like I was being viewed through a grey, cracked lens.
      "Hmmm..."  I thought, "I wonder if turning 30 a couple of years ago is finally catching up to me?"  "Or, maybe I just need some lotion, even though I usually don't."  I put on some lotion, and it didn't help one bit.  I looked so ugly that I was almost afraid to leave the house, in case I'd be a bad advertisement for eating only raw food.
      I'm sorry if what I'm about to write seems gross:
      Tuesday, 2 days ago, I took my shower and afterward, my knee started itching deep in the skin--no, I didn't have a bug bite or anything else.  I scratched it and instantly, my fingernails filled up with soft, dead skin.  It had just been waiting to come off!  I scratched more and more, until my 'new' knees were revealed--it felt so good! 
      Then I rubbed my arms briskly with the inside of my hand; old skin started rolling off--it looked like grey confetti.  I thought that it was kind of gross, but also kind of neat. 
      I tried this all over--shoulders, stomach, legs, feet, etc.  The only place that a lot of skin didn't come off was the backs of my legs.
      Then today, I took a shower again after yoga class.  Afterward, I was toweling dry and the same thing happened to the backs of my legs!  Also, a little bit more from the rest of me.  I used a dry washcloth to rub my skin as more and more dead film kept 'pilling' and falling to the shower floor.
      Now, my skin is seriously glowing and almost translucent.  Plus supersoft.  I'd take a picture, but I know it's like taking a picture of the sunset--better in real life.
      Anyway, I think what happened was...I molted!  Now I have a new set of fresh skin.  I know normally our skin is constantly rejuvenating and replacing itself, bit by bit--this was more like a mass exodus!
      And I haven't been extreme at all about cramming as many greens as possible into my smoothies--I'm only going through 2-3 bunches of kale weekly (plus several handfuls of weeds).  I think it's the fact that they're not eaten with fat, and that they're made hyper-available to my body because of the Vitamix.
      Anyway, just wanted to share, and to thank you again--and thanks to Vitamix, too!
      Celeste in Beaverton
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