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Re: [RawPortland] Do some veggies benefit from light steaming, wok-fry?

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  • Gabrielle
    Hi, Thomas here, writing on Gabrielle s computer. I know for sure that cooking does not lessen the effects of oxalic acid in spinich, only makes it more
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2005

      Thomas here, writing on Gabrielle's computer. I know for sure that
      cooking does not lessen the effects of oxalic acid in spinich, only
      makes it more likely to become a problem. I've never heard of anyone
      getting an oxalic acid overload from raw spinich because the appropriate
      enzymes are present, where it is possible get one cooked (if you are
      silly enough to eat bails of it cooked) where the appropriate enzymes
      have been killed. As for the extended cabage family you mentioned, most
      raw fooders I know tend to eat less of them then they did when they were
      cooked eater, though kale-lemonade and kale salad warmed to the point of
      limpness in a dehydrator are great treats. Actually, from a raw foodist
      point of view these questions are a bit pointless because the
      assumptions underlieing the advice come from the historic model that
      says your body has to digest the food and cooking helps with the
      burden. Sort of like saying that we have to raise taxes to help us out
      of the hole that paying taxes puts us in. The fact is that there is no
      burden in the first place when the food is not cooked, and therfore can
      digest itself.


      yogiorion wrote:

      > Hey guys, new to this forum, I might have met some of you at the first
      > to limpness
      > potluck in June at Mike's house.
      > I read that it may be beneficial to lightly cook members of the
      > brassicus (sp?) family (broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, etc.) if one
      > intends to eat them regularly because it neutralizes thyroid
      > inhibitors. I also heard doing the same to spinach takes care of
      > oxalic acid. Any thoughts?
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