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How To Help The Portland Raw Festival

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  • Mike
    Hi friends, It was great to see some of you at the Earth Day festival. It was so much fun there! Amazing music, great vendors, and the team with Thomas and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2005
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      Hi friends,

      It was great to see some of you at the Earth Day festival. It was so
      much fun there! Amazing music, great vendors, and the team with Thomas
      and Gabrielle made the best raw gourmet foods ever! Pizza, mexican
      wraps, green emerald smoothies, goji berry bars, chocolate brownies,
      salad, ect...

      Wow! I was very impressed. Keep up the great work! Sorry I missed
      the Vancouver potluck, I'll be at the next one!

      Below is one section from the new edition of the International Raw
      Food Association newsletter. I'll post the other sections later.

      (P.S. I updated my blog- http://therawdiet.blogspot.com/

      2005 Intl' Raw Foods Festival:

      Do YOU want a 2005 Intl' Festival?

      What are YOU willing to do to have one?

      The International Raw Foods Association & the leaders, teachers,
      speakers, chefs in the Raw Foods Movement have given up their time &
      talents volunteering for free for the last five years to bring you the
      annual International Raw Foods Festival in Portland, Oregon. People
      like Csilla Jacobson & Jameth Sheridan have given thousands of dollars
      in sponsorships so you could attend.

      This year, if YOU want a Festival, if will be up to YOU to step
      forward & decide how that will look!


      Before May 15, 2005 Contact:

      The International Raw Foods Association




      8760 SW Borders, Portland, Oregon 97223

      The Intl' Association will only be able to host a Festival again this
      year If you & others in the Movement will commit to do one of the
      different options by May 15, 2005:

      OPTION 1:

      1. You, as One person, donates $20,000+ or

      2. You, as one of 20 people, donate $1,000 each or

      3. You, as one of 100 people, donate $200 each or

      4. You, as one of 1,000 people, donate $20 each or

      (It cost about $60,000 every year to hold the Festival even with all
      the donations of time & talent given to us!)

      OPTION 2:

      Have a virtual Festival this year in your own home by purchasing tapes
      &/or audios from previous year's Festivals! (We have talks & food
      demos from 2000 to 2004!)

      This will help the Assoc. clear the old debts & provide funding for an
      International Festival again in 2006.

      For $125 (a $200+ value)

      We will put together a special package of your choices consisting of
      one of the three Virtual Festivals below

      1. Your choice of any 12 video tapes or

      2. Your choice of any 24 audio tapes or

      3. Your choice of a combination: 6 videos & 12 audios.

      OPTION 3: Attend the International Festival this year in your own area!

      This year we could be doing something new in the way of gathering
      together as a Raw Foods Movement...

      This year the annual Raw Foods Festival, could be held in multiple
      locations through out the world.

      Raw Food Teachers/Chefs/Venders/Raw Groups

      worldwide can agree to host events in their areas worldwide so that
      more people can attend & experience gathering as a Movement.

      All Events would take place the third weekend in August...

      August 20, 21 2005

      What would this mean for YOU?

      It means that you could get together with others on the Raw Food path
      without having to travel long distances this year, but still have all
      the great fun...

      There would be TWO ways to pay to attend this year's Festival under
      this option:

      1. Buy a $125 ticket from the Intl' Association in advance & recieve
      the following (A $145+ value!):

      A. Admission to one or more days of the

      event worldwide of your

      choosing. Go to the Festival web site for

      locations & speakers nearest you:

      http://www.rawfestival.com/ ($35 to $70


      B. One Video & 3 CD Rom's or 3 Videos or

      5 CD Rom's from past

      events (of your choosing) This is a $60 to

      $70 value & includes

      all shipping/handling inside the USA! See the extensive list of
      fantastic speakers & topics on our website: http://www.rawfestival.com/.

      You can't get these anywhere else...they are exclusive to the
      International Raw Foods events beginning in 2000 & going through 2004!

      C. One year membership in the Intl' Assoc.; a $20 value! This gets you
      a 10% discount on all Assoc. purchases, advance notice on Assoc.
      events & more, as well as allowing you a discounted rate on future
      Festivals & events.

      D. One year subscription to the monthly email Raw Foods newsletter to
      keep you current on worldwide happenings in the Raw Foods Movement.
      $24 value!

      E. Surprise gift to the first 100 people to register: retail value of
      $10+ & one free entry into our drawing for a complete set of 2004
      Video tapes! (raffle tickets for additional entries are $5 each or 5
      for $20. Value of the set of videos? Priceless!!)

      2. The second way to attend this year's Festival is to simply go to
      the event nearest you & pay for the daily rate & individual event
      costs at each location at the time you attend. This will range in
      price from $35 to $70 & does not include any of the other offers above.

      Speakers/Chefs/Venders/Raw Food Groups

      What can you do to become a host for a 2005 International Festival
      under this option?

      What Would be In It for You?

      1. If you would like to host a 2005 Intl' Raw Foods Festival Event in
      your area, please contact Linda Simon at the Intl' Assoc. through one
      of the following:

      A. phone: 503-293-3039

      B. email: rawfestival@...

      C. Mail: Intl' Raw Foods Assoc, 8760 SW Borders,

      Ptld, OR 97223

      NOTE: We Need to Have At Least 6+ commited USA sites by May 15 to
      implement this option for a 2005 Festival & we would like to also have
      2 or more Canadian & European sites as well as ones in other countries.

      2. For a list of what you would need to be responsible for & what the
      benefits to you would be, please contact rawfestival@...
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