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RE: Fw: [RawPortland] 100% Distilled water?

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  • Bryan Simmons
    I agree with Celeste regarding distilled water. I work at a fab where DI water is used in the processing (deionized so it is 100% pure H2O) and it is actually
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 14, 2005
      I agree with Celeste regarding distilled water. I work at a fab where DI
      water is used in the processing (deionized so it is 100% pure H2O) and it is
      actually dangerous to handle this water with bare hands as it will leach out
      all skin oils, minerals, etc. The water is basically "starving" and will
      draw the things it has in a natural state directly from your skin and even
      deeper layers.

      Therefore, it never made sense to me to drink distilled water as it will
      draw minerals from your body that your body needs.


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      From: "Celeste Crimi" <rcrimi14@...>
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      Subject: Fw: [RawPortland] 100% Distilled water?
      Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 22:12:03 -0700

      Well, Maxwell, I'm not a doctor. Not even close. But I have certainly read
      from several different sources, from several different angles, that
      distilled water, having been deprived of its minerals, leaches minerals out
      its surroundings the first chance it has.

      That sounds to me like you'd be paying big bucks for a mineral rich raw diet
      (I'm assuming you're referring to big-ticket sea foods, fancy dried berries
      from far away places, and the like), only to 'waste' those minerals on
      drinking mineral water. :)

      Do I have it all figured out? Nooooo! I drink filtered tap water. Tastes
      fine to me.

      I know deep down that probably the very best, at least for me, would be
      eating water-rich foods and nibbling on spring flowers bejeweled with

      In the meantime, I must confess that I often enjoy a big, salty salad and
      then about an hour later I'm thirsty for a few glasses of filtered water...

      What do others think? I know there has been discussion of water sources in
      the message archives at www.rawportland.org... I guess just like anything,
      the key is what feels right to our inner selves. If I'm thirsty, good water
      has a sweet taste that it doesn't when I'm drinking 'because I'm supposed
      to' or if it's from a less than ideal source. That lets me know I should
      drink it.

      Celeste in Beaverton

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      From: maxwellraw
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      Subject: [RawPortland] 100% Distilled water?

      I'm looking into getting a Lab Water Distiller for home use. I want to
      start consuming only Distilled water along with my mineral rich raw
      food diet. What do you think about drinking ONLY distilled water?
      Good idea or Bad idea?

      much thanks,


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