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  • Becca LeTourneau
    I am very interested in a Sunday hike... but I only have a bike. Could a carpool be arranged as well? (With gas prices, that might be a good idea anyway).
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2005
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      I am very interested in a Sunday hike... but I only have a bike. Could a carpool be arranged as well? (With gas prices, that might be a good idea anyway).
      Great idea, Annette!

      RawPortland@yahoogroups.com wrote:

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      There are 4 messages in this issue.

      Topics in this digest:

      1. Wednesday's fun
      From: "Celeste Crimi"
      2. raw, vegan dog treats
      From: "Celeste Crimi"
      3. New poll for RawPortland
      From: RawPortland
      4. Raw Adventure Weekend in the Gorge
      From: "Annette"


      Message: 1
      Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 16:52:41 -0700
      From: "Celeste Crimi"
      Subject: Wednesday's fun

      Hi gang,

      Anybody want to travel with me? We can take public transit together, or you
      can drive.

      I'll be going from SE 23rd and Hawthorne to Blossoming Lotus in the Pearl.
      Then from Mike's house to Bvtn/Aloha.

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      From: "Michael Snyder"
      Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 11:34 AM
      Subject: Re: Meet-up next Monday?

      > Hi Celeste,
      > This idea could work. It would be fun to have a 'Just Desserts'
      > potluck! The dessert birthday potluck last year was amazing!
      > On Wed., I could prepare a dessert the night before and then
      > head to the Blossoming lotus after work. I'm going to make
      > some chocolate fudge with the delicious coconut oil I just picked
      > up from Sue.
      > For everyone interested, RSVP by e-mailing me your preferred
      > day to meet up, Mon., Tues., or Wed.
      > Mike
      >>From: "Celeste
      >>Idea: what if we combined the Mon/Tues event with the Wed event?
      >>Since the Blossoming Lotus closes so early...what if we all met there at 6
      >>or so on Wed, had some juice or something (or even dinner), and then
      >>headed to your place, Mike, for either main course or dessert?
      >>A progressive dinner sounds like fun! :) And we've often said that it
      >>would be a blast to have a 'just desserts' potluck sometime, if you wanted
      >>to go that route...
      >>What do you think?
      >>Celeste Crimi


      Message: 2
      Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 19:37:31 -0700
      From: "Celeste Crimi"
      Subject: raw, vegan dog treats

      Mango season is here and what to do with those pits?

      Many dogs like to chew on them fresh. Or, for an extra special treat, dry them in your dehydrator and keep them in an airtight container as humane chew toys.

      These make a wonderful alternative to rawhide chews and pig's ears, which are not only a choking hazard, they can also cause a life-threatening condition called 'bloat' or intestinal blockage requiring very expensive tests and emergency surgery. In addition, these 'real, natural' store-bought goodies are preserved by being cooked to death and then preserved in rancid fat/oil. Smell them yourself to see what I mean. Bluck!

      Be sure to supervise your dog for the first few mango pits, as it's possible that they could swallow irritating chunks and give themselves a bit of intestinal upset if they go too hog wild. Let experience be the teacher on this one. Probably the worst that could happen is that they don't 'chew' well enough at first, when they're still learning, and they might throw up the undigested scraps...not a big deal for a dog. They might even eat them a second time! :)

      They could also have a little watery diarrhea, with the undigested scraps readily apparent. Sorry, I know this forum is supposed to be about raw, vegan food for humans, and this last paragraph hasn't been too appetizing! Still, this stuff could happen whether they're eating a mango pit, chomping on a stick, or munching a bone. It's best to be prepared so we don't freak out. If any of this happens, it's likely to be accompanied by increased water intake, and possibly some pacing/urgency to go outside.

      So, try it the first time when you'll be home all day, and once you know your dog can 'chew responsibly,' you can feel good about putting those mango pits to good use!

      And yes, chewing on fibrous mango pits can make a dog's teeth shine like a puppy's--without the risk of a fracture, as can occur when hard bones are chewed!

      My dog also enjoys other dried fruits given in moderation, such as pineapple, raisins, and dates. Canines can benefit just as much as humans from these foods' high iron, potassium and fiber content.

      Try it and let me know how your dog responds.

      Celeste in Beaverton

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      Message: 3
      Date: 12 Apr 2005 17:07:50 -0000
      From: RawPortland
      Subject: New poll for RawPortland

      Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the
      RawPortland group:

      Should the Raw Adventure Weekends (potluck & hike) in the
      Gorge happen again this summer?

      o Yes
      o No
      o On a Saturday
      o On a Sunday

      To vote, please visit the following web page:

      Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are
      not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups
      web site listed above.



      Message: 4
      Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 17:15:17 -0000
      From: "Annette"
      Subject: Raw Adventure Weekend in the Gorge

      As you've already been notified, I've added a poll to determine
      interest in the Raw Adventure Weekend in the Gorge.

      Over the past two or three summers, we have hosted a potluck and hike
      out near our home in the Columbia River Gorge (just east of
      Stevenson). Although interest is always high, attendance is usually
      low. I am submitting the poll to see whether you would be interested
      and what day would work best for you.

      This has usually been a hike first, followed by the potluck. People
      not interested in hiking joined us later for the potluck. We usually
      met around noon and often I was saying "goodbye" to the last person
      around 7PM.

      From most places in Portland, the beautiful drive out is an hour or less.

      Many of the places we go to hike require the Forest Service's Trail
      Pass -- either about $30 annually or $5 daily, so it works well to

      Thanks for taking time to vote in the poll so I can work on my
      calendar for the summer.



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