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Re: Meet-up next Monday?

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  • Stan
    I think I could make it to this, sounds like fun... Stan ... there at 6 ... then headed ... that it ... you wanted
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 8, 2005
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      I think I could make it to this, sounds like fun...


      --- In RawPortland@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Snyder" <snyder68@h...>
      > Hi Celeste,
      > This idea could work. It would be fun to have a 'Just Desserts'
      > potluck! The dessert birthday potluck last year was amazing!
      > On Wed., I could prepare a dessert the night before and then
      > head to the Blossoming lotus after work. I'm going to make
      > some chocolate fudge with the delicious coconut oil I just picked
      > up from Sue.
      > For everyone interested, RSVP by e-mailing me your preferred
      > day to meet up, Mon., Tues., or Wed.
      > Mike
      > >From: "Celeste
      > >
      > >Idea: what if we combined the Mon/Tues event with the Wed event?
      > >
      > >Since the Blossoming Lotus closes so early...what if we all met
      there at 6
      > >or so on Wed, had some juice or something (or even dinner), and
      then headed
      > >to your place, Mike, for either main course or dessert?
      > >
      > >A progressive dinner sounds like fun! :) And we've often said
      that it
      > >would be a blast to have a 'just desserts' potluck sometime, if
      you wanted
      > >to go that route...
      > >
      > >What do you think?
      > >
      > >Celeste Crimi
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