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    Join Doug Walsh, Cherie Soria, and Dan Ladermann, for a Teleconference Open House This Sunday! Please spread the word by forwarding this out to everyone who
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2005
      Join Doug Walsh, Cherie Soria, and Dan Ladermann, for a
      Teleconference Open House This Sunday!
      Please spread the word by forwarding this out to everyone who might be

      Meet Doug Walsh, the Raw Hiker who will be hiking the
      3000-mile Continental Divide Trail on a 100% raw-food diet
      Cherie Soria & Dan Ladermann, Directors of
      Living Light Culinary Arts Institute

      Listen to Doug tell us, first hand, what it means to hike the CDT and
      what kinds of foods he will be eating to provide the enormous amounts
      of energy it takes for such an amazing endeavor. Learn how you can get
      involved in this event to insure that the world becomes aware of the
      tremendous health benefits of a raw-food diet. Help us spread the word
      and make sure the world is watching as Doug hikes a marathon a day for
      FIVE MONTHS over snow-capped mountains and scorching deserts! Find out
      how you can track his adventures in the wild and make sure the rest of
      the world does, too!

      When: Sunday, February 27, 2005

      * Start time: 12:30 Pacific Standard Time
      * End Time: 01:25 Pacific Standard Time
      * Dial in Phone Number: 1-858-300-3030 (San Diego, CA area code)
      * Dial number and follow the prompts
      * Code Number: 13579

      # Please arrive on time and introduce yourself or be anonymous and
      just listen in!
      Expert Hiker to Backpack 3000 Miles Eating Only Raw Foods

      Boulder, CO – February 18, 2005 -- expert hiker Doug Walsh will
      backpack the challenging Continental Divide Trail (CDT) powered by a
      100% plant-based raw foods diet. The hike begins on Earth Day, April
      22, 2005 at the Mexican border in New Mexico and ends five months
      later at the Canadian border in Glacier National Park. Doug, an
      experienced backpacker and former Outward Bound instructor, has
      already climbed the 100 highest peaks in Colorado. In 2002 he
      completed the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail on a 100% raw foods diet.
      Why does he do this?
      Doug is committed to bringing the message of the benefits of a
      plant-based raw foods diet to the world. He wants to inspire people to
      think big and realize their dreams, AND the Hike-a-Thon will raise
      money for an expanded facility for Living Light Culinary Arts
      Institute, a raw culinary arts school, event and conference center
      dedicated to helping people achieve optimum health through raw and
      living foods.

      Doug is tackling the most difficult long distance trail in America.
      Since parts of the trail are not complete, he will frequently navigate
      by map and compass to stay on track, and may endure weather
      fluctuations from 100 degrees in the high desert to below freezing at
      high altitudes. He'll experience thunderstorms, lightning danger,
      snowshoe weather, difficult river crossings, and a scarcity of water
      on parts of the trail. He may encounter rattlesnakes, scorpions and
      even grizzly bears. He will be traveling with a minimum of gear at a
      marathon pace of at least 25 miles a day.

      This will be one of the most exciting athletic events of the year.
      is the official site for details about the hike, including access to
      Doug's inspirational stories and pictures from the trail, answers to
      questions and information about hiking gear, raw trail meals, how you
      can become involved and more.

      Here is a list of the volunteer positions still needed for the Raw
      Hike. This is a way that you can really make a difference in the
      world--helping to spread the message of the health-promoting benefits
      of the raw-food-diet!

      Community Outreach Coordinator

      This person actively networks within the raw community and beyond in
      order to find other like-minded organizations to help market the Raw
      Hike-a-thon. Some ideas are: Searching the Internet for like-minded
      bulletin boards and Yahoo raw food group sites to post information
      about the Raw Hike-a-thon, finding organizations that will set up
      local Walk-a-thons in their communities to coincide with the start of
      the Hike-a-thon on Earth Day, identifying companies who will post
      information about the Hike-a-thon (link via our logo) on their
      website. A good knowledge of health and outdoor recreation will be
      helpful in generating ideas for networking. This person works with the
      Media and Sponsorship Coordinators.

      Sponsorship Coordinator

      Leads the Hike-a-thon Sponsorship Team in the effort to obtain
      sponsors for The Raw Food Hike-a-thon. Develops potential sponsor list
      and organizes volunteers in contacting sponsors, including creating
      phone scripts and assisting volunteers with phone skills. Manages
      relationships with sponsors, including sending out a bi-weekly e-mail
      newsletter to sponsors. Previous fund-raising experience is a plus.
      This person works with the rest of the Hike-a-thon Team, especially
      Dan, Cherie, Doug and Ginger (webmaster).

      Assistant Webmaster

      Assists the webmaster with updates, changes and special projects
      related to the web site. This person should have a good overall
      knowledge of web site design and development including an
      understanding of CSS. Flash and/or web graphics skills would be

      Web Graphics Assistant

      Assists web site design and development by creating and editing
      digital graphics. A good overall knowledge of web graphics design is
      necessary. Additionally, knowledge of Flash and the ability to create
      animated gifs and banners would be a big plus.

      The Hike-a-thon Director

      Is responsible for overseeing the committee of Volunteer Coordinators
      and Managers. This is a key position, since they will coordinate the
      activities of many people. They must be computer literate and have
      good writing skills so they can help edit press releases and articles.
      Experience that could be helpful would be event coordination, project
      management, good leadership. They must be a good self-starter, with
      good time-management and organizational skills, since the "buck" stops
      here. Doug will work closely with this person, but won't be able to
      help much once the hike begins.

      Media Coordinator

      Writes press releases, talks to media, helps Doug with interviews,
      sets-up a media conference in Boulder, Colorado (with Doug).
      Requirements include good writing skills, tenacity, likeable
      personality, good people skills, good organizational skills, passion
      for raw foods and the healthy-promoting benefits, good knowledge of
      raw nutritional science (so they can answer questions posed by the
      media). Works with The Hike-a-thon Director, Doug, and the Web Master

      To volunteer visit www.rawhike.com
      To make a donation phone 707-964-2420 or visit www.RawFoodChef.com
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