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Tsunami Bennefit replaces putluck

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  • Thomas & Gabrielle Chavez
    Hello everyone, This month s Raw Curious Potluck (second Wednesday at Mike s house in South East Portland) has to be put aside because the sponsors, Mike,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2005
      Hello everyone,

      This month's Raw Curious Potluck (second Wednesday at Mike's house in South
      East Portland) has to be put aside because the sponsors, Mike, Thomas and
      Gabrielle are helping to put on the Raw Tsunami Benefit Banquet just over
      the Sylvan hill in South West Portland. More than half of those who
      attended last month's potluck are already signed up to attend the banquet
      anyway. Everyone else is invited to share in the fabulous raw food that
      will be provided by International Raw Chefs, and Raw World celebrities -
      Victoria and Igor Boutenko.

      We will be serving from 6 to 8 PM.

      Minimum donation is set at twelve (12) dollars and maximum set at twelve
      thousand (12,000) dollars.
      suggested donation is 25.00 (the value of the meal)
      All proceeds go to the UCC Tsunami Relief fund where administrative costs
      are born by the UCC, not taken out of.donations for relief.

      Please RSVP 503-650-4447

      The address is Cedar Hills UCC - 11695 SW Park Way (corner of Cedar Hills
      Blvd, 4 blocks south from the Cedar Hills Blvd exit off Hwy 26, 4 miles
      from downtown Portland)

      After the feast Victoria will give a talk on *How to Inspire Adults and
      Children to Eat Healthy.*

      It will be great to see you there


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