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Lou's Lemon Ginger Blast recipe...

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  • Janna Blake-Allan
    People keep asking me for Lou s Lemon Ginger Blast recipe, so I am sending it to all of the web groups I belong to... This recipe is from Lou Corona...Holistic
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 20, 2005
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      People keep asking me for Lou's Lemon Ginger Blast recipe, so I am sending it to all of the web groups I belong to...
      This recipe is from Lou Corona...Holistic Health Educator.  Lou has been vegan and on total living foods since he was 21 (Lou is now 53...most people think that he is about 30).  This is a cleansing tonic that Lou starts every day with.
      The "Blast" is...
      AND...it is great for the Heart and Cardiovascular System!
      LOU's LEMON GINGER BLAST (Yields: One serving...or more if you want...Lou drinks it all)
      If you are using a K-Tek or Vita Mix Blender (other blenders will handle it alright...just cut produce into smaller pieces):
      Place in Blender...
      1 inch Fresh GINGER...only peel off the bad spots (work up to the advanced version slowly...which is 5 to 6 inches)
      2 LEMONS (peel the yellow part off and cut in half)
      2 or 3 Sweet APPLES (peel skin...only if it is not organic and cut into wedges...use the core too)
      1/8 tsp *90,000 H.U. (Heat Units) of CAYENNE PEPPER (work up slowly to the advanced version of 1 Tablespoon)
      2 or more cups of PURIFIED WATER (add what is needed to make at least 1 1/2 quarts of the finished product)
      Blend the above ingredients (do not over blend...just until everything is barely processed...or you will lose nutrients).
      Strain with a large strainer or juice bag...and drink the liquid.  The reason for getting rid of the fiber is so the "Blast" can go right into the body and start cleansing.
      * The spice rack CAYENNE PEPPER is only about 40,000 H.U.  You can start with that...if you already have it in your cupboard.  But, when you are out...the 90.000 H.U. is recommended (available at any decent health food or herb store...I try to buy it in bulk).  Recently, I have been able to buy 180,000 H.U. at a local herb store.  I only put 1 tsp in when using it.  I was able to work up to the tablespoon...but, have decided that it is not necessary (it cost more and after all it is more potent!).  When I use fresh hot peppers (any variety will do) I prefer the red chili pepper or once in a while (when I am in an adventurous mood)...I will use Habaneros.  They are really HOT!
      If using a Juice Machine...
      Run through the juicer...
      Then add the WATER and CAYENNE PEPPER. 
      If you want to use fresh hot peppers...run them through the juicer first.  Then juice the other ingredients.
      When is season, I substitute WATERMELON or GRAPES for the APPLES.  If I use the WATERMELON, I do not add any water.  If I use GRAPES, then I cut down on the water.  My friend Lindsey loves to use GRAPEFRUIT instead of APPLES.  She loves it!  I have not tried it yet.  I have also used a couple of times...ORANGES in place of the APPLES and the LEMONS.
      I try to make and drink the "Blast" every morning.  When a day or two goes by without it, I notice a major difference in the way I feel (less energy and not as "in tune")...big time!  Sometimes I drink the whole thing.  But, most of the time  our family shares one or two batches.  If I have been exposed to an illness that is "going around" or I feel that a cold or flu is "trying to get me" (like a scratchy throat, sneezing a lot or burning sensation in my nose)...I drink it all day and nothing else except lots of purified water.  Then I don't get sick!
      Janna Blake-Allan
      --- Ken Allan
      --- Janna Blake-Allan
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    • Mike
      Hello friends, Thank you, Janna, for Lou s Lemon Ginger Blast recipe. I love this drink and I make it quite often. Lou s presentation at the festival was
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 20, 2005
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        Hello friends,

        Thank you, Janna, for Lou's Lemon Ginger
        Blast recipe. I love this drink and I make
        it quite often. Lou's presentation at the
        festival was incredible.

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