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  • whalerocker
    Urgent News: Under Attack! * Families are being torn apart! * Parents are being jailed! * Children are being seized and taken away from their homes! why? …
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 14, 2005
      Urgent News:
      Under Attack!

      * Families are being torn apart!

      * Parents are being jailed!

      * Children are being seized and taken away from their homes!

      why? …

      For eating a vegan live food diet!

      Not in America, right? Read on...

      One family that has experienced the brunt of this attack is the
      Andressohn family. You may have heard a few national news bites about
      this family's horrendous situation.

      A beautiful, peaceful, God-centered family that committed the "crime"
      of practicing total wellness and for years has been eating vegan live
      foods. This story you are about to read may be difficult for you to
      believe but unfortunately it is absolutely true.

      This is must read information for everyone who believes unbounded
      health & happiness is an inalienable right for all. This urgent report
      will provide you with the whole story and what must be done to help
      this family & preserve every Americans' right to pursue a healthy and
      happy life.

      Here is their story...

      The Andressohn Family

      Joseph and Lomay Andressohn live in Homestead, Florida just outside
      Miami. The Andressohns are the proud parents of 4 beautiful children
      ages 8, 6, 4 and 3. They are a God revering & loving family. Along
      their life journey together, they discovered the wondrous benefits of
      a living food lifestyle.

      Joseph and Lamoy chose this healthy way to live more than 4 years ago,
      with their two children at the time, and made it an important part of
      their life. Over the next several years, the Andressohns were blessed
      with three more children. As part of their home schooling, the
      children were taught how and why a live food diet is so important to
      their health & well being. When well-meaning neighbors offer candy to
      the children, it is politely declined. When asked why, the children
      say,"Candy is not good for you!" and then explain to them the great
      benefits of eating only living foods.

      The Day the Andressohn Family Was Torn Apart!

      Life was grand until one fateful day, May 15, 2003. The Andressohns'
      5½-month-old daughter, Woyah, who at birth was diagnosed with DiGeorge
      Syndrome was having problems breathing. The Andressohns immediately
      called 911 for help. The ambulance arrived with the local police.

      Being entirely unfamiliar with a living food lifestyle the officers
      questioned the Andressohns at the scene. Due to the officers ignorance
      of a live food nutritional lifestyle, they jumped to conclusions and
      suspected parental neglect, and held the parents for further
      questioning, forbidding them to go to the hospital to be with their
      ailing child.

      Just two hours after the emergency call was made, the Florida
      Department of Children and Families (DCF) arrived and took the other
      four children into custody. Immediately following this action, police
      investigators arrived at the Andressohns' residence, asking them to
      sign a release paper so they could search their home. They were told
      by the investigators, " A warrant would be obtained from a judge the
      next day so why not let the search begin immediately? ". The
      Andressohns were also told the more they cooperated, the sooner they
      could see their baby girl. Completely wrought with worry for their
      daughter and with nothing to hide, the Andressohns signed. Nothing was
      found in the search to substantiate the suspicions of the police

      However the investigators were still not satisfied and took the
      Andressohns to the police station for further questioning. The parents
      were questioned by the police for hours, and after all of this time
      the Andressohns were then given the terrible news their baby daughter
      Woyah had died hours before. The Andressohns had been lied to and
      grilled by the authorities for information. The police and DCF
      investigators had clearly withheld the information of their baby's
      death as a means to extract information unethically. The shocked and
      grieving Andressohns were then taken home and were told they would be

      What Would You Do If This Happened To Your Family?

      The Andressohns' first concern at this point was the health of their
      other children. With permission from DCF, they prepared living food
      and took it to the care provider's home. During this time the DCF
      doctor was under pressure from the prosecutor to examine the children.
      The doctor performed a cursory examination only and thus misdiagnosed
      the children's state of health and reported to the court that the
      children were malnourished and had signs of rickets. It was later
      discovered this was a lie under oath! The state's radiologist later
      re-examined the children and gave them all a clean bill of health!
      However, the misdiagnosis by the DCF doctor granted the judge the
      authority to force the children's DCF care providers to feed them
      bread, pasta, peanut butter, soymilk and other so-called "Standard
      American Diet" foods. Within the first week of this radical diet
      change, all the children came down with flu-like symptoms. The two
      older children complained of head and stomach pains, while the two
      younger children were rushed to the emergency room. Never having been
      sick a day in their life, they were diagnosed with bronchitis, asthma
      and pneumonia.

      Now you need to understand that these are children who have never
      experienced illness in their entire lives or the symptoms of being
      sick such as stomachaches and headaches so this was completely foreign
      to them. As you can imagine the children were terrified!

      When the Andressohns learned of this despicable action, they motioned
      the courts to reverse this decision and allow the children to return
      to eating whole live foods. Reversing this action took several court
      appearances to accomplish. Then on June 6th the Andressohns appeared
      in court on a motion to have the children placed in the custody of
      Joseph Andressohn's sister.

      Provide Your Family A Healthy Diet: GO TO JAIL!

      The same day, the media arrived to film the police serving arrest
      warrants to both Joseph and Lomay. That day they began a 99- day stay
      in jail! While the Andressohns were incarcerated, DCF decided to
      modify the children's diet yet another time, this time including meat
      and dairy, and they were given inoculations. This caused the children
      to again, become radically sick, and more visits to the emergency room
      followed. The children were finally allowed to live with Joseph's sister.

      Making the Best of A Miserable Situation

      While incarcerated, Joseph and Lamoy attempted to continue eating a
      living food diet. Lamoy received support from her fellow inmates and
      some of the staff, but the facility authorities became concerned and
      ordered her to visit the detention hospital for a thorough check-up.
      This went on for 1½ months until they were convinced that she was
      fine. She was able to continue to eat living food the entire 99 days.
      Three inmates actually became vegetarians while in jail with her, and
      Lamoy was also able to help people with headaches and other minor
      pains by providing reflexology. Joseph unfortunately, did not have all
      the support he needed, and thus succumbed to small amounts of cooked
      food. As a result Joseph himself became very ill, suffering a
      multitude of ailments.

      During the Andressohn's 99 days in jail, friends and loved ones
      diligently made great efforts to arrange their release. In the end, a
      friend who hardly knew the Andressohns came forward and paid
      $12,500.00 to release the Andressohns on a combined $125,000 bond.
      Their release came with the unusual condition that the Andressohns
      agree to be placed under "house arrest". This condition requires both
      parents to be shackled to electronic ankle monitors. But as the
      Anderssohns soon learned this was just the beginning of their horrific

      Imagine receiving a 50-year prison sentence for feeding your children
      a healthy live food diet!

      Unbelievably, the prosecutor actually attempted to negotiate a plea
      bargain. The prosecutor offered 50 years for 1 count of aggravated
      manslaughter and 4 counts of child neglect. When this was refused, the
      prosecutor came back with a 10-year offer. Once again, the Andressohns
      refused and he dropped it to 2 - 3 years. When the Andressohns refused
      this offer the prosecutor then dropped it once again to 364 days. The
      prosecutor was adamant and said that this would be the last offer.
      Having done nothing wrong, the Andressohns said they would not admit
      guilt and headed for the courtroom doors. The prosecutor literally
      chased them out of the room asking if they would accept probation.
      Even though probation may sound good… the Andressohns said they would
      not compromise their position or their children's health knowing that
      probation most likely meant feeding their children a diet that the
      state would force upon them.

      What the Andressohns Now Face

      The Andressohns are facing two critical court trials and they MUST win
      both cases in order to reunite their family.

      The first trial is for criminal charges:
      1 count of aggravated manslaughter and 4 counts of child neglect. This
      trial is set for January 25th, 2005.

      The second trial is in the family court:
      To prove they are parents fit to raise their children. This trial date
      for the family court is under continuance until the criminal trial is

      Please keep in mind the Andressohns are people of very modest means.
      The financial strain of this nightmare is beyond belief!

      What Is Being Done To Help The Andressohns?

      What needs to be done is obvious…
      The Andressohns need help getting their family back together again.
      Their four children have been without their parents for 18 months and
      the Andressohns desperately need financial help in order to defend
      themselves & reunite their family.

      Rawfriends.com along with the help of some very special people who
      have generously donated their time and resources, have put together an
      easy, practical & rewarding way for YOU to help the Andressohns today.
      For your support, of 19 dollars or more, you will receive in return a
      valuable gift. Gratefully, all the valuable gift products have been
      donated to the Andressohn cause. This guarantees that 100% of all
      donations will go directly to the Andressohn family!

      The Big Picture

      Now, please take a moment to ponder the big picture and what this case
      means to you & everyone who believes it is our right to live a healthy
      & happy life. As advocates and emissaries of this lifestyle, we know
      full well that it's our lifestyle that is being persecuted!

      What Is Our Responsibility?

      Embracing living foods isn't only about how to juice vegetables and
      make raw wedding cakes; it can mean facing adversity & standing up for
      our right to live a life of wellness. Right now, each and every one of
      us who embrace a living food lifestyle is on trial right along with
      the Andressohn family.

      The Andressohns are not only fighting for themselves and their
      children's lives but for OUR way of life as well!

    • Jeff Rogers
      Hello, There has been mention of a new web site, rawfriends.com, on many email lists recently, including RawPortland. The web site asks for support to help the
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 25, 2005

        There has been mention of a new web site, rawfriends.com, on many email lists recently, including RawPortland. The web site asks for support to help the Andressohn family, which is fighting a legal battle over the death of their infant and the raising of their children, regarding their raw food diet.

        I was asked to place a link on my website (soystache.com) to rawfriends.com.

        Before doing so, I wanted to verify the web site was, indeed, supporting the Andressohns. I have been following this case through the media since it began. I called the office of Rubin Ellis in Miami, the Andressohns' attorney. I spoke to Andrew Fields, an attorney from California, helping with the case. He spoke very highly of Willa and Steven, who run RawFriends.com. He also spoke highly of many others, such as Rubin Ellis, who are working together to help the Andressohns, donating legal help, transportation, and housing, etc.

        I just wanted members of this list to know, if you had any concerns about the web site, rest assured, they seem to be doing a great deal to help support the Andressohns through this ordeal. The web site helps raise funds for the effort. Apparently books, etc. have been donated to the cause, which are available on the web site.

        President, SoyStache.com
        Author, Vice Cream

        * RawFriends.com - Designed specifically to help people and support rawfamilies or individuals in need. We are currently working on supporting a Florida couple, the Andressohns, who were unjustly treated for choosing a raw food lifestyle. http://www.rawfriends.com
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