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Raw crackers at New Seasons in Raleigh Hills

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  • Jim Brosseau
    Howdy folks, Thank you to whomever requested our product at this store! We ve been trying for a long time to get a foot in the door with them and just
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2004
      Howdy folks,

      Thank you to whomever requested our product at this store! We've been trying for a long
      time to get a foot in the door with them and just yesterday I got a message requesting our
      crackers. I know there are a lot of us raw types on the westside, so I'm excited to finally
      get in there.

      I haven't yet spoken with the buyer...hopefully I will today or tomorrow...and in case the
      raw angel in question were interested in our hummus, Smart Monkey Seed cheeze or It's
      Alive! cultured vegetables...well, there is a different buyer in each store that handles the
      refrigerated products than the buyer for the crackers. I will certainly be suggesting to the
      cracker buyer that all of these products are a good combo, but ultimately he can't do
      anything directly.

      why don't I go directly to the refrigerated section buyer?? Great question! In larger
      companies such as New Season's, typically there exists a management structure whereby
      decisions on which products to carry are made by one head buyer, and that product is
      carried in all or most locations. Each store location has a buyer whose job is mostly
      maintaining the inventory and placing orders to keep the shelves stocked. This system has
      evolved because it can be more efficient at some things. One of the drawbacks is that
      small companies like ours are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the attention of
      the one person charged with making the real decision. Many people want this person's
      attention...not unlike being a senator, I imagine!

      What's all this mean? Not unlike in politics, product vendors often pay for the privilige of
      selling their wares in a store. Unlike in politics, it's perfectly legal. At the level of sales that
      raw products represent, it's cost prohibitive to take this time honored approach. That
      leaves consumer demand as our best bet for getting their attention.

      I've pushed New Seasons in the past and made some headway, but they've let me know in
      no uncertain terms that they don't appreciate me taking the initiative to go directly to the
      store buyers... i guess they want them to spend their time buying other things! Anyway,
      New Seasons has been great to work with in most respects, and out of consideration for
      our professional connection I've decided to lay low and let the shoppers entice them into
      trying new things.

      Once again, thank you to our raw comrades for helping us get into the Raliegh Hills store.

      Jim & Sue
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