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  • Celeste Crimi
    Dear Sage, I remember when I first went 100% raw 2 1/2 years ago. Even though I got to that place very, very gradually (over the course of a decade), going
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 16, 2004
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      Dear Sage,
      I remember when I first went 100% raw 2 1/2 years ago.  Even though I got to that place very,  very gradually (over the course of a decade), going 100% still catapulted my body into temporary rapid weight loss and constant hunger.  My muscle tone stayed, but my fat disappeared.  My skin was a little baggy where there had been a high concentration of fat. 
      Before going raw, I had steadily been 135 pounds for years.  I'm 5' 7" so that translated to a size 8 and a relatively slender look.  In the first 30 days of 100% raw, I quickly went down to 128 lbs and a size 6.  That's not a ton of pounds, but I already was lean, so it made a very noticeable difference.  I hadn't weighed that little since 7th grade or so!
      I felt healthy and happy and it was fun having some room in clothes that had always been a bit tight.  I also felt a little out of control, and nervous--my coworkers were making jokes and hints about my newfound 'anorexia' and I really didn't know what to expect--were the pounds just going to keep peeling away, until I was a saggy, shrunken remnant of my former self?  How long could I sustain these losses?  And was it really normal the way my hip bones were visible when I was resting on my back?  And what was with those bony knees?!  Even my face shape was changing as my cheekbones became more prominent.  Yikes!
      It turns out I needn't have worried--after about 2 months on raw, I gradually, naturally gained a few pounds.  Then very gradually, over the next 9 mos-year, I continued to gain so slowly that the only way I could even notice it was by the scale and by the fact that my size started changing.
      Now, and for about the past 1 1/2 years, I've been 150-155 lbs and size 10.  So, I bet you're wondering how I managed to gain 15-20 lbs and still be only 2 sizes bigger than when I weighed 135, right?  Especially when dropping just 7 pounds at first made 2 sizes of difference? 
      The answer is that now I am very dense.  My muscle tissue is very developed, my bones feel very solid.  I haven't had a bone density test or anything, I can just 'feel' it.  Even my fat seems denser (not very 'jiggly').
      Anyway, Sage, I am not even close to an ND or anything else like that, and also I don't know how long you've been raw or if my story relates at all to your experience.  I thought I would share just in case my experience proves helpful or comforting to others.  If you'd like to know I can go into more details about what I eat, etc.
      Celeste Crimi
      Beaverton OR
      p.s.  When fasting, I lose 1-2 lbs each day for the first few days, then 1 lb daily until the fast is broken.  After the fast, I gain the weight back gradually to end up back at 150-155.  My body seems to gravitate toward that range.  Exercise has no impact on my weight.  No activity, strenuous, frequent activity--no difference.
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      From: sage_m31
      Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2004 12:30 PM
      Subject: [RawPortland] Coach

      Is there a local health coach, possibility ND who can support
      emotional issues with weight loss do to Raw Food Diet?

      Slight preference for a women coach. It could also be someone who as
      gone through the dramatic weight loss that happens as the body
      becomes more balanced.


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