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one-on-one food prep demos in your home?

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  • Celeste Crimi
    Hi all, I have been thinking lately...people love the food I prepare for them. I have developed a lot of original, unique recipes (Club Salad, Blueberry Cream
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 6, 2004
      Hi all,
      I have been thinking lately...people love the food I prepare for them.
      I have developed a lot of original, unique recipes (Club Salad, Blueberry Cream Pie, Turkey, Moroccan Veggies & Couscous, Green Eggs No Ham, and Hot Dogs, to name a few) since going 100% raw 2.5 yrs ago.
      People ask me all the time how to make the dishes I've brought to pot lucks and other parties.  I try to explain verbally that almost everything I make is very easy, I provide recipes, and still there's an intimidation factor or a need that's not being met.
      People often urge me to publish a recipe book...but I feel there are already some wonderful living foods recipe books on the market, and more to come.
      One possible solution I've been kicking around is to become a personal chef, or to hold in-home demos for 1 or 2 people at at time.  This would be a nice way to really provide one-on-one support, ending up with a great-tasting meal.
      What do you all think of this idea?  I'm thinking there would be an initial consult to discuss the client's needs, tastes and areas of interest.  Then we could set up times for me to come to the client's home, and either show them how to make my recipes, or help them with recipes from published raw/living books that maybe they're struggling with.
      Do you think there's a need in Portland?  Can you please suggest pricing options, what seems like a fair price?  I'm really interested to hear feedback from my community...
      Celeste Crimi

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    • Mike
      Hello friends, There are some great health events and presentations coming up this month. I m going to attend the Howard Lyman presentation, and I m planning
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 8, 2004
        Hello friends,

        There are some great health events and presentations coming up this
        month. I'm going to attend the Howard Lyman presentation, and I'm
        planning on doing the group juice fast later this month with Dr.
        Steven Bailey, ND & Dr. Josie Schmidt, ND, of the Northwest
        Naturopathic Clinic. Dr. Bailey's book is titled "The Fasting Diet"
        and is available in the Portland libraries. More info is at the
        bottom of this email.

        I think you have a great idea and there is definitely a need for
        it in Portland. You would be an excellent personal chef and teacher,
        and holding in-home demos would be a great way to do this. I know of
        some people in San Fran and Eugene who do this and they may be able
        to give you some tips. Rob and Anna Miller do this in Eugene, this
        link is a description of their latest project, a Raw Foods Garden
        Party and Prep Class->
        Joshua and Elizabeth are doing in-home demo's in San Fran, their
        website is http://www.livingintentions.com

        Alex's latest newsletter is available at
        He has pictures and a review of the Portland festival->

        Below are some upcoming health related events in the Portland area.


        The following is quoted from http://www.nwveg.org/Calendar.html

        September 15 (Wednesday), 11:00 am: KBOO Community Radio Lecture
        Series Preview our inspirational speaker, Howard Lyman, who will
        appear in Portland on September 28. He was recorded in 2000 at The
        Lewis and Clark College. His topic: "The Politics of Beef."

        September 15 (Wednesday), 6:00-7:30 pm: Showing Of Peaceable Kingdom
        Northwest VEG will show Peaceable Kingdom at the Multnomah Central
        Library, SW 10th Ave. & Yamhill St. in downtown Portland. Peaceable
        Kingdom focuses on the Farm Sanctuary in New York State, which was
        started by Laurie and Gene Bauston, a couple who have been leaders in
        the animal rights movement for many years. Howard Lyman, who will
        speak in Portland on Sept. 28, is featured in the film and tells his
        story of transformation during a time when he had a life-threatening
        tumor. Produced by Tribe of Heart, makers of The Witness, this
        brilliant documentary provides rare and remarkable insights into
        farming practices and farm animals.

        September 19 (Sunday), 9:00 am: Discussion on Heathly Children,
        Healthy Planet
        A discussion course called "Healthy Children, Healthy Planet" is
        starting September 19 (Sunday) at 9 am in SW Portland. The course is
        the latest offering from Northwest Earth Institute
        http://www.nwei.org (others have been Voluntary Simplicity,
        Sustainable Living, etc.). The topics covered include how our
        culture is influencing our children to be consumers. You will also
        discover ways to create meaningful family times. The course lasts 9
        weeks, 1 hour each week on Sundays from 9 am to 10 am at West Hills
        Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. The course material is $15. If
        interested, call Janet Liu 697-7893, or janetliu1@...

        Sept. 28 (Tuesday), 7:00 - 9:00 pm — Howard Lyman Speaks in Portland
        Join us for a special evening with Howard Lyman, author of "Mad
        Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat". He
        will speak on "Food Safety and the Interdependent Web of Life."
        Location: First Unitarian Church, SW 12th Ave. & Main St., Portland.
        $5 - $15 sliding scale admission. For information about Howard Lyman,
        visit http://www.madcowboy.com For more information on this event go
        to http://www.nwveg.org/Lyman_event_04.html

        There are some great on-line interviews with Howard Lyman, check out
        (Scroll down to 6/3/2004)
        and check out Jeff Rense's website at
        (Scroll down to 12-26-03)
        (Scroll down to 09-23-03)

        The following is quoted from
        Northwest Naturopathic Clinic's Fall Cleanse with Steven Bailey, ND &
        Josie Schmidt, ND Begins Thursday, September 23rd:

        A $25. non-refundable deposit is required by Sept. 17th
        Inquiries and to sign up please call 503.224.8083

        Dr. Bailey @ the SE 20th and Division Street New Season's Store
        September 9th - 7:30 to 9:00 PM
        "Why Juice Fasting is So Cool in the Fall"

        Dr. Bailey with Marlana Smith on the Electric Salon
        KBOO - 90.7 FM - First Friday of each month 9 AM

        JOIN US as we complete our 22nd year of providing medically
        supervised fasts to the public. Participants will have the
        opportunity to explore: raw foods, juicing, enemas, food sensitivity
        reactions, dysbiosis/candida protocols, gallbladder/liver flush,
        castor oil pack, dry skin brushing, hydrotherapy and more. This is an
        opportunity to renew and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. We
        will not only be using the vehicle of fasting to to help cleanse our
        physical bodies, but also to explore our mental, emotional, social,
        and energetic relations with food, eating, and nourishment.
        THE FORMAT: 13-day framework, which includes three days of
        preparatory bulking with fruits and vegetables, five days of juicing
        consisting of various combinations of organic raw vegetable juice and
        fruit juice (there is an option of continuing after the juices with
        water, master cleanse, or watermelon if desired), and then a five day
        reintroduction schedule to challenge food sensitivities.


        1st meeting - Thursday, September 23rd 7-9 pm
        2nd meeting - Monday, September 27th 7-9 pm
        3rd meeting - Thursday, September 30th 7-9 pm
        Friendly House Community Center – 2617 NW Savier St.

        Steven Bailey, N.D.
        Josie Schmidt, N.D.
        2606 N.W. Vaughn
        Portland, OR 97210
        PH: 503•224•8083
        FX: 503•224•5883
        Here are some good articles on water and juice fasting->
        "Juice Fasting" by Len Watson

        "Flowers Under the Snow, Some Thoughts on Fasting" Dr. Steven Bailey,

        "Fasting and Sunbathing" by Herbert M. Shelton->
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