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  • Mike
    From : Peter Iijima Sent : Monday, August 16, 2004 Subject : EXCITING HEALTH EVENTS It s Potluck Time! Who? You! It doesn t matter if
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      From : Peter Iijima <peter@...>
      Sent : Monday, August 16, 2004

      It's Potluck Time!

      Who? You! It doesn't matter if you've fallen off the raw wagon or
      never got on it or know it all already. Come and enjoy great food
      and great fellowship!
      When? this Thursday the 19th at 6pm
      Where? Eden Health Ministries classroom, 20349 S. Leland Rd., Oregon
      City. Call 503-518-3632 for directions
      Why? When you are going against the flow, it helps to have friends
      going with you!
      Subject? "The Search for Health Truth"

      We will show a clip of a video and Crystal will be speaking on the
      subject as well. There are many health "experts" out there and many
      disagree with what others are saying. How do you know what is the
      truth? What about New Age or Asian medicine and things like yoga?
      If I can just figure out "the perfect diet" and stick to it
      religiously will I get well? These questions and more will be

      RSVP?: Yes, it helps. Call 503-518-3632


      It's Festival Time Again!

      What? The International Raw and Living Foods Festival. This is the
      biggest raw food festival in the world
      When? Friday August 20 through Sunday the 21st.
      Who? Most of the leaders, speakers and authors of the raw food
      movement plus some of the best raw chefs will be there from around
      the world.
      We particularly recommend Dr. Fred Bisci, Paul Nison, and all the
      wonderful raw chefs' food prep classes
      Where? Believe it or not, it is right in our backyard. This year it
      is at Washington County Fair Grounds.

      Why? Try the magnificent gourmet raw food, learn about health, meet
      others going against the flow, be re-ignited with excitement about
      eating healthy
      You are missing out if you don't try going at least one day!

      Learn More: http://www.rawfoods.com/festival

      Costly? No. The vending booths where the speakers and raw gourmet
      food will be freely accessible without an admission ticket.
      To hear the speakers, it costs $45 a day or $125 for Friday through
      This is very reasonable considering you don't learn this much
      visiting a doctor and paying that much or more!
      If any of you would like to hear a speaker or two and don't have
      money to, call us and see if you can help with our booth at the
      festival, in exchange for use of our ticket. At this point, we are
      still in need of help.

      PS. - We are sorry to announce that the Thursday Raw Christian Day
      event has been canceled due to low registration numbers. If you are
      a Christian and in search of health truth, start with the Bible,
      prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit. Then you will recognize
      truth vs. man's foolishness when you listen to various health


      To add to the fun this coming week, some of our friends are doing a
      pre-festival event!

      Nutrition & Fueling Physical Performance with Delicious Living Foods

      Date: Wednesday July 18th, 2004
      Location: 201 SE 12th Ave, between SE Stark and SE
      Burnside (home of 3 Friends Cafe)
      Time: 7pm
      Announcements to come in a couple weeks: Natural Eyesight Improvement
      Class in September taught by Crystal Iijima.
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