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  • ani phyo
    SMARTMONKEY FOODS will be hosting our own kick-off to the 2004 Raw Living Foods Festival with special festival guests! Our goal s to support the Festival, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2004
      SMARTMONKEY FOODS will be hosting our own kick-off to
      the 2004 Raw Living Foods Festival with special
      festival guests!

      Our goal's to support the Festival, the speakers of
      the Festival, and to offer a low cost alternative to
      the $100 dinner.

      We hope you'll join us!

      SMARTMONKEY FOODS Gourmet Dinner
      Nutrition & Fueling Physical Performance with
      Delicious Living Foods

      Date: Wednesday July 18th, 2004
      Location: 201 SE 12th Ave, between SE Stark and SE
      Burnside (home of 3 Friend�s Cafe)
      Time: 7pm

      Save-the-Salmon Cake with Hollandaise Sauce
      Cosmic Herb Marinated Spinach Salad
      Carrot-Ginger Bisque
      Blueberry Smoothie
      $25 per serving ($35 recommended donation) Seating is
      limited, RSVPs recommended by Monday Aug 16th by
      calling (503) 236-7878

      Special Dessert - $6 per serving
      Carob Brownie Sunday with Vanilla Vice Cream and Fudge

      Evening Presenters:
      1) SmartMonkey Foods� Chefs Ani and Ede
      2) �STOMP� and �De La Guarda� performer Tonya Kay
      3) �Vice Cream� author, Jeff Rogers

      Chefs Ani and Ede
      Chefs Ani and Ede are hosting this special gourmet
      dinner event on Wednesday August 18th, 2004. They�ll
      discuss the art of creating gourmet raw-living foods
      along with how these foods fuel demanding athletic
      lifestyles through optimal nutrition.

      See for yourself why SmartMonkey Foods is asked to
      provide their healthy treats to athletes like Andre
      Agassi and Anna Kournikova, as well as to the
      performers of STOMP, and why the �Portland Mercury�

      �SmartMonkey's carob brownie is one of the single best
      desserts I have ever eaten in my life�

      2) Tonya Kay, performer
      STOMP and De La Guarda
      A raw food athlete dancing 2 years in the off-Broadway
      phenomenon STOMP and a trained aerial stuntwoman with
      De La Guarda (off-Broadway/Las Vegas), Tonya will be
      talking about health and fitness while fielding
      questions from the perspective of a living-foods
      female athlete.

      3) Jeff Rogers, author
      "Vice Cream - Over 70 Sinfully Delicious Dairy-Free
      Is co-founder and President of SoyStache.com, a
      nonprofit website promoting a plant-based diet. Jeff
      will be collaborating with SmartMonkey Foods to create
      the evening�s special dessert: Carob Brownie Sunday -
      a SmartMonkey Foods� Brownie topped with Vanilla Vice
      Cream and Carob Sauce.

      For more information:
      (503) 236-7878 office

      SmartMonkey Foods
      organic living cuisine

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