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Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Comes to Portland

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  • Mike
    Hi folks, The email below was posted to the Seattle raw foods message board. I was checking out the website and I found the article about Dylan s prize-winning
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2004
      Hi folks,

      The email below was posted to the Seattle raw foods message board.
      I was checking out the website and I found the article about Dylan's
      prize-winning cheesecake from the 2002 festival. I think Clint and
      Dylan worked together on it.

      I love it when Clint brings his cheesecakes to the potlucks, they
      are delicious!

      The Living Foods Festival is still looking for volunteers, I am
      helping with set-up and take-down. I called them yesterday to
      register for Dr. Gabriel Cousens Presenter Intensive, and it is sold
      out!!! I am first on the waiting list. All other Presenters have open
      spots, I'm going to spend the day with Dr. Doug Graham.

      My roomates and I are hosting a potluck next Wednesday, Aug. 11.
      I'll provide more info in the next email, I hope you can all make it!

      How was the Living Now Festival, Bill? Any reviews or stories?

      Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Comes to The PNW
      Look Good, Feel Great!
      Experience the Magic of Raw Living FoodsLiving Light Culinary Arts


      FUNdamentals of Raw Living Food*
      Learn to make healthy and delicious everyday favorites using whole,
      fresh, ripe, raw, living organic ingredients:
      Rich Nut Milks & Creams
      Appetizers & Pates
      Cultured Foods
      Smoothies, Sauces, Dressings
      Soups and Salads
      Simple Entrees
      Dehydrated Goodies & Snacks
      Amazing Desserts
      Kitchen Gardening & Sprouting
      Basic Knife Techniques
      Basic Equipment use
      Complete Recipe Binder & Resource Guide
      Sample all foods prepared during class
      Delicious Buffet LUNCH!!

      Sunday August 29, 20048:00 AM – 6:00 PM
      Where: German American Society 7901 S.E. Division Street
      Portland, Oregon 97206
      Tuition: $250.00 per person Pre Registration Required, Space is
      * FUNdamentals is a prerequisite to Living Light Culinary Arts
      Institute Essentials of Raw Living Foods and Associate Chef
      Training. Angel Foods by Cherie Soria is the required text for this
      course and can be purchased at the class. http://www.rawfoodchef.com
      for more info on LLCAI Curriculum

      Alicia Ojeda
      Patricia Hoskins
      Professional Raw Food Chef and Instructors with Living Light
      Culinary Arts Institute

      A classically trained Chef, Alicia brings a wealth of knowledge and
      experience to the art of raw food preparation. Her classes are
      filled with tips & techniques to assist you in easily preparing whole
      food meals right in your own kitchen. Formerly the Executive Chef at
      Dream Works Studios for Bon Appetit Management Company, Alicia is as
      passionate about great tasting food as she is about healthy living.

      Patricia has been involved with whole foods for the past 30 years.
      She is an advocate of living a holistic natural life style. Patricia
      especially enjoys teaching children as well as parents the fun and
      simplicity of living foods preparation.

      Alicia and Patricia are as passionate about great tasting food as
      they are about healthy living. Experience the transformation!Both
      chefs are available for private or group trainings, catering and
      restaurant consultations.

      "This class changed my life. I lost 85 pounds and I am eating the
      best tasting food I ever experienced. And lots of it!" Molly Mallone

      Register: No prerequisites required
      Phone: 818-377-5263
      Inquiries: 323-356-0688
      Email: Transformativecuisine@... Credit Card or check
      payments Online: www.paypal.com
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