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EcoRaw Tribal camp at Feral Visions next week!

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    Dear Friends, We would like to invite you to be part of an EcoRaw Tribal camp at the Feral Visions Gathering coming up next week. The Gathering will be in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2004
      Dear Friends,

      We would like to invite you to be part of an EcoRaw Tribal camp at
      the Feral Visions Gathering coming up next week. The Gathering will
      be in a really beautiful location about 50 miles east of Roseburg,
      OR -- two gorgeous lakes, forest, fresh water springs, and lots of
      big trees.

      A few of us felt it was too much to do a full on Tribal Gathering
      this summer, but we would definitely like to continue growing
      together, learning together and growing community. Feral Visions
      seems to be about a lot of the same things as the Tribal Garthering-
      finding an indefinitely sustainable way to live happily and lovingly
      together- so we figured it would be a great opportunity to come
      together surrounded by Mother Nature and like-minded people. The
      theme for this years Feral Visions is Rewilding: mentally, physically
      and spiritually. To me that is "raw" living in the broader sense
      (i.e. not just food). Hopefully, there will be much for us to learn,
      share, and just have a wonderful time in the woods together. We are
      particularly interested to have many friends together to support each
      other in keeping a positive outlook on what we do and can do
      together, in addition to a sober assessment of civilization.

      We would like to camp together and have a raw kitchen there also. If
      you are interested in taking part in the EcoRaw camp, please contact
      us ASAP 541-463-8463 to arrange rides, what food to bring, etc.

      At present it looks like we will leave Monday morning August 2 for
      the Gathering.

      More info is below and we hope to see you there.


      Rob Miller

      P.S. in preparation for Feral Visions we are going to have a gleaning
      party and skill-share on Sunday around noon. There are lots of plums,
      figs, early apples, and young hazel nuts to gather. We'll need food
      for a week, and Anna and I would be happy to share how we find lots
      and lots of free delicious fruit this time of year. Again please call

      P.P.S. We're also planning an EcoRaw Raw Tribal Campout and Skill-
      share either the last week of August first week of September. It will
      be from 5 to 7 days, most likely on a property outside Hood River.
      There will be an emphasis on sharing practical earth skills,
      communication, ritual, and assessing the growth and learning that has
      gone on this year with and eye toward growing together even more in
      the future. A group is also considering biking to it. If you are
      interested please let us know soon so that we can decide on dates.


      >Feral Visions
      Against Civilization

      The 2nd Annual "Black and Green Anarchist Gathering"
      In the Southern Cascades of Oregon
      August 1st-8th, 2004

      The Black and Green Network is facilitating a week-long gathering in
      beautifully wild southern Cascades of Oregon. After taking part in the
      various anarchist and environmental events and conferences, we felt
      there was a need to have a gathering focusing solely on what seems to
      through the cracks, rewilding: physically, mentally, and spiritually.
      this came the idea for last year's successful gathering in
      Our goal is to help bring people into a wild environment, to break
      mediation between ourselves and our world, and to encourage active
      participation with it. The gathering will provide an introduction to
      various strands of anti-civilization thought, as well as being an in-
      forum for discussing and developing the theoretical and practical
      of anarcho-primitivism/green anarchy (though not exclusively). We will
      focus on trying to connect face-to-face and deal with issues that are
      brought up within the critiques and practice, making stronger
      with one another, and applying our visions to our lives. There will
      be a
      heavy emphasis on primitive skill-sharing and collective experience.
      are hoping to create an environment where people are willing to share,
      grow, and have a good time. The entire event is centered on active
      participation and we hope that people will bring their knowledge and
      experience, as well as being prepared to be relatively self-

      What to Bring:
      Some food will be provided (probably some sort of morning gruel and a
      vegan dinner), but for the most part, bring what you need, including
      (depending on how domesticated you are): several layers of warm
      (it's high elevation, so it can get cold at night), sun block,
      bag or blankets, tent or tarp, flashlight, batteries, sturdy boots,
      utensils and bowl, water filter, mini-shovel, toilet paper, snacks and
      food, water containers, small cook-stoves and fuel, notebooks,
      pocket knife, musical instruments, propaganda, friends and family,
      respect, security consciousness, special skills and knowledge, and an
      enthusiastic and participatory attitude.

      We are also looking for: bulk food (rice, beans, lentils, spices, soy
      products, jerky, oil, canned foods, dried stuff, roots, bread,
      etc.), cooking materials (utensils, pots, pans, knives, buckets, water
      jugs, garbage bags, portable stoves, and fuel), material for shitters
      their upkeep (shovels, wood ash, buckets, tp, soap, etc), tarps and
      radio/walkie-talkies and batteries, people to give more formal
      on specific skills, folks to coordinate rides from their bioregions,

      What to Leave Home:
      It is about a mile and a half hike in, so don't bring excessive shit
      don't want to lug around, and try to leave the canine friends at home
      possible. Please leave weapons, heavy drugs, and all recording devices
      (including video cameras) at home as well. Abusers and abusive
      will not be tolerated at this gathering. Come to participate, not to
      spunge or drain. This event is for all of us to put on, not just
      those who
      initiated the call. Law enforcement is not welcome.

      At the Site:
      The site has wonderful swimming, hiking, and a natural spring. It is a
      wild place and needs to be treated with care and respect (seriously
      folks). The area is extensive, but in hopes of creating as little
      to the site as possible, there will be designated kitchen, shitter,
      camping areas. If designated "safe" places develop, please be
      It will also be at the height of fire season, so extra care will be
      necessary (including no personal fires). Mosquitoes may be heavy, so
      prepared. Please pack out everything you bring in. We are also needing
      some people to commit to staying a couple days extra to do some
      restoration work to the area.

      *There are people familiar with the site who have mapped out areas for
      use, so please do not come early, and if you do, be minimal impact and
      prepared to adjust your camp location.

      How to Get There:
      You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the site.
      There will be no shuttles or people organizing rides for you. If you
      traveling by train, bus, hitchhiking, etc., the closest town to the
      is Roseburg. If you get to the area early, the closest "friendly"
      are Eugene to the north and Ashland to the south. In Eugene, you can
      by at the Grower's Market (454 Willamette, upstairs) to see if there
      informal ride-boards or as a place to get one's bearings. In Ashland,
      can try Evos Coffee House.

      From the South, take I-5 North and from the North, take I-5 South to
      Rosburg/Exit ?? (approximately ?? from Ashland, and ?? from Eugene).…
      …to be posted soon on www.greenanarchy.org and 1-866-270-1653.

      Try to carpool, because parking is limited. Do not block people in,
      site is on a trailhead that people unconnected to the gathering may be
      using as well. As the numbers grow, you may need to drop people and
      equipment off and park further up or back down the road a bit.

      Tentative Schedule:
      We want to keep the schedule open for everyone to participate in, so
      will not be putting together a formal schedule until the event is
      happening, if at all. We have reached out to, and expect lots of folks
      with certain skills, knowledge, and opinions to be present (not all of
      whom communicate through email), so we want to be flexible. Besides,
      have a week together, and do not need to cram stuff in or be overly
      organized with this aspect of things. We also hope informal
      and skill-shares will occur. We do recognize, however, that some
      will not be present for the entire event, and that with large numbers
      people, some informal structure can help. We have decided to propose
      themes for each day, both on the theoretical and practical levels.
      are not set in stone, and are only suggested as general orientations.
      There will be a morning circle and boards to let folks know what
      discussions and skill-shares will be happening.

      Sunday – Set-up, Welcome, and Story-Telling
      Monday – Intro to Green Anarchy and Primitivism/Intro to Earth-Skills
      Primitive Life-Ways
      Tuesday – What We're Up Against (Civilization, Patriarchy,
      Containers, and Water
      Wednesday – Moving Beyond the Left and Ideology/Plants (food and
      Thursday – Insurrection and Nihilism/Healing (self-care, community
      Friday – Direct Action and Tactics/Hunting, Scavenging and Self-
      Saturday – Visions and Strategy/Fire and Restoration
      Sunday – Clean-up, Project Sharing, and Good-byes

      See you in the wild!!

      For more info, check out:www.greenanarchy.org
      email: feralvisions@...
      (before July 29th, and it is not for ride info)
      voicemail: 1-866-270-1653
      (for info only, it won't be checked after July 28th, and it is not for
      ride info)
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