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Stacie's Last Gathering!!! & Forum discussion

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  • Mike
    Hi folks, Below is the announcement for Stacie s last potluck this Wednesday, I hope to see you there! The Smart Monkey Foods dinner last Wednesday was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2004
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      Hi folks,

      Below is the announcement for Stacie's last potluck this Wednesday,
      I hope to see you there! The Smart Monkey Foods dinner last Wednesday
      was delicious, thank you Ani and Edi! Three Friends is a great
      location for the raw dinners.

      Stacie's sister has a new raw recipe and instruction book with CD
      titled "Living on Live Food". I've heard from many people that it's
      the best recipe book they have found. Her website is
      http://www.alissacohen.com and she has created a new chat room with
      her friend Alex in Florida,

      I would like to invite you to post messages to the websites
      discussion forum. We should get some conversation going! It is a
      great place to ask questions, post articles and reviews, and discuss
      raw foods, health, and nutrition in the Northwest. We also put up
      some pictures from my potluck two weeks ago, thank you to all who
      attended! Click on "Forums" at


      From : Stacie Cohen <rawdiva@...>
      Subject : last gatherings

      This Wednesday is our gathering nite once again. It will be one of
      our last. Our July gathering will bring an end to 7 seven years of
      sharing food and friendship together in my home. I have been in
      Portland for 24 years enjoying this place and the amazing people who
      have come into my life. Someone said that all good things must come
      to an end. I don't think so.....It just needs to shift and so
      I am on the move. At the end of August I head to my new life in
      Florida. I have a client to work with and food to produce. My plan
      is to later have a website up and products for sale. Please write to
      me sometime and tell me how you are and how Portland is. I hope lots
      of you can make it by this month and next. I appreciate you and am
      enriched from sharing this experience together.

      P.S. If you still have one of my books you can drop it by on the
      porch anytime.

      Monthly Raw Food Feast

      Please bring a dish of raw/living foods or fresh produce to share.
      (Please make sure all the ingredients are 100% raw vegan food and
      list the ingredients so we can put it next to your dish.)

      Please bring: your own plate, utensils, food, friends, laughter, and
      a smile.



      When: The last Wednesday of every month, July 28th

      Where: 2909 SE 77th Ave. Ptld. (not a thru street), between Powell &
      Turn on 75th & jump up 2 blocks at Tibbett Street

      Time: 6:30pm - 8:30 ish
      Cost: These gatherings are free and all are welcome.

      Love in All Ways, Always in Love

      Stacie Cohen
      Ripe and Raw Foods
      2909 SE 77th Ave.
      Portland, OR 97206, USA
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